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Does my Mac supports the new macOS Sierra ?

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macOS Sierra is the world’s next most advanced operating system for macs. It’s going to be blazingly fast on the newer macs. It has great features like – Universal Clipboard, Picture-in-picture mode, new maps, Photo’s etc like iOS 10. Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 10 yet ? If not, update now to iOS 10 by registering your iPhone/iPad/iPod UDID to Apple Developer Program here >

Will you mac support macOS Sierra ?
It seems that Macs manufactured in 2008 and older models won’t be eligible for the new OS. But if your Mac is not on Apple’s list, an unofficial option might allow you to run macOS Sierra anyway, with some magics.

Official macOS Sierra minimum system requirements
According to Federighi’s slide, the following Mac models will be officially supported by macOS Sierra:

iMac (late-2009 and later)
MacBook (late-2009 and later)
MacBook Pro (2010 and later)
MacBook Air (2010 and later)
Mac mini (2010 and later)
Mac Pro (2010 and later)

It’s interesting that macOS Sierra marks the first time Apple has changed the system requirements for the Mac operating system 2012’s release of Mountain Lion. Will it mean that, it requires faster and strong high config hardware ? Answer is some sorta YES!

“It was initially though that Sierra requires Intel chips with the SSE4.1 instruction set, removing machines with silicon older than the 45nm Penryn Core 2 Duo family of processors,” as per Stephen Hackett of 512pixels.

“However, if SSE4.1 was the hard cutoff, some older Mac Pros — that Apple has cut off — would be able to run macOS Sierra that Apple, so there may be other factors like GPU support in play as well.”

Keep it on your mind that, macOS Sierra is in beta version now, so it will have lots of bugs, i had a hard time with macOS sierra. Eventually i had to downgrade back to OS X EL Capitan. (Downgrade Instructions here)

Run macOS Sierra in not supported macs
Go to this website here > ,  those whose computer is not officially supported by macOS Sierra. In a nutshell, this patch involves using the macOS Post Install application from the installer image to choose the optimal patches for your particular Mac model.

When the app finishes patching, your computer should be able to boot into a fully working copy of macOS Sierra, although some owners of unsupported Macs may not be able to use Wi-Fi, or other OS features.
You can try this method to install the macOS Sierra if you really want it. However, if you want then you can always downgrade back to os x el Capitan or Yosemite or lowers os x. Follow the macOS / OS X Downgrade process here >

But i would just want to say that, Forget mac ! Just update to iOS 10 ! It’s going to blow your mind, it’s just amazing. But you need to register your iPhone / iPad udid to Apple Developer Account, if you have not yet, then update to iOS 10 beta as it’s only released for developers only, so by registering your iPhone to Apple Developer Account, be a developer also! (You will get access to download and install all the iOS 10 beta versions for next year only for $15).

So enjoy iOS beta’s early.

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