‘iPhone 7’ Featured a Slightly Larger Battery Than the iPhone 6s

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As the Rumor Mill continues to churn out expectations for the oft-rumored “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 7 Plus/Pro,” what Apple plans on doing in the battery category is certainly one of many hot topics.

Back in March of this year, images surfaced that reportedly showcased the battery for the iPhone 7, indicating the upcoming flagship will boast a 7.04 watt-hour battery. Comparing that to the batteries of previous handsets, it’s a slight boost compared to the iPhone 6s, but actually pretty similar to what Apple released with the iPhone 6.

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Now, another rumor has cropped up, this time sourced from Weibo. One user of the social media platform based in China indicates that Apple plans on using a battery in the iPhone 7 that’s “slightly larger” than what’s present in the iPhone 6s. Specifically, the poster says that the battery in the iPhone 7 will be measured in at 1735mAh, and the battery in the iPhone 7 Plus will measure in at 2810mAh. Compare that to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which are measured at 1715mAh and 2750mAh, respectively.

Looking back to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, though, sees that the iPhone 7/7 Plus will have batteries that are slightly lower than Apple’s shift to bigger smartphones, with the iPhone 6 measured at 1810mAh, and the iPhone 6 Plus measured at 2910mAh.

Unfortunately, increase in battery size (compared to this generation’s flagships) isn’t actually a clear indicator that Apple is making any major headway in improvements when it comes to battery life. In fact, it’s more likely that Apple’s simply including bigger batteries to balance out the expected A10 processor that will power the whole show. That will probably mean that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have comparatively the same battery life as the iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

That’s if this rumor is true, of course.

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