Foxconn replaces 60000 factory workers with robots for iPhone 7 production

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Foxconn is Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner for many years, Now it has replaced 60,000 of its assembly workers with robots. SoIts workforce at a factory in Kunshan, China, has been reduced from 110,000 people to just 50,000 as a result. So now your iPhones are made by robots almost fully.

If you guys don’t know, then be clear on it that Foxconn doesn’t just assemble the iPhone. Throughout the years, the company has been involved in the production of almost all of Apple’s most popular devices, including the iPad and many Macs, for which it employs hundreds of thousands of factory workers throughout China.

Recent reports revealed Foxconn is currently in the process of adding, even more, workers to its ranks in preparation for the iPhone 7, but it may not need so many in the future as it focuses on rolling out robots instead. Faxconn is fully busy with working on the new upcoming iPhone 7 which wil have the new iOS 10 along with it. If you want to use to the iOS 10 beta version early before it’s public release be sure to register your iPhone/iPad/AppleWatch to Apple Developer Account here >   (UDID registration costs $15)

Robots have already been deployed at one Foxconn factory in Kunshan, where as many as 600 other companies have similar plans. It’s thought the increase in robots will have devastating effects on the region’s population, which is currently dominated by migrant workers.

It’s unclear what Foxconn manufactures at its Kunshan plant, but the robots are likely to save Foxconn plenty of money. Although each unit is costly to acquire, maintaining them is thought to be substantially cheaper than paying human workers.

Robots can also help Foxconn deal with huge demand from clients like Apple. With this being the case, it’s likely Foxconn will be planning to replace more of its workers with robots in the future for as many tasks as possible.

Source: iPhoneHacks, Apple Insider

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