iOS 9 Glitch Makes iPhone more Faster in iOS 9

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iOS 9 Glitch – Makes iPhone Faster in iOS 9

Apple thinks about the newer iPhones more than the older iPhones. We all know that iPhone 5s and lower versions works really slow in iOS 9 all the versions. However every new updates of iOS 9 brings up new features, right now iOS 9.3 has the best features, iOS 9.3 beta 5 or if you want to use any beta versions then you can register your iPhone UDID to Apple Developer Account here > and get access to them right away. It always better to use the latest iOS version in your device.

An iOS 9 glitch has been found which will make your iPhone run more faster than ever its running now in iOS 9. This glitch was found my Jeff, who works for 9to5Mac now. Thanks to him for the discovery. However, I had this thing in my iPhone since a long time, i didn’t knew that its a glitch and how to activate it. Lets start,

Open up settings and go to general and turn off assistive touch on your iPhone. Then keep it at the bottom of your home screen, then open the spotlight/Search. And tap on the middle until the keyboard popsup and the assistive touch goes at the bottom again. Keep doing this. Until you notice a fast jump.

You don’t understand it right ? Do you ? hahaha i know a description won’t help you here. So i made the video tutorial for this, Check this out and please subscribe to channel if it helps you. And if you want to turn off this feature off then you can simple restart  your iPhone and it will be all back to same.

This glitch works like the same way ” Speed Intensifier ” Cydia tweak. Those of you who are not jailbroken they can use this trick to run the iPhone way faster than its right now on iOS 9. It works in all the version of iOS 9 and in all iPhones. Good Luck.

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