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French law will Fine, jail Apple for not unlocking iPhone…

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New legislation is being voted by French Law makers which introduce fines & jail time for tech companies If the company doesn’t encrypted data for officials as in Govt./ Police in a terror investigation. The Apple vs. FBI battle is still going on.

Tim Cook Apple CEO, Apple Vs FBI

If in future Apple’s big time sinking battle with the FBI is played in on French land, the iPhone maker could face a €350,000 ($384,000 USD) fine for failing to decrypt data and Max additional there could be jail for five years. That’s if a new amendment to French reforms outlined in a bill for “strengthening the fight against organized crime, terrorism and financing” survives subsequent votes in coming months.

According to Bloomberg report, The amendment’s first reading is in France’s National Assembly on Tuesday and was cleared in the lower chamber by 472 votes to 32,  If it does pass in its current form, companies such as Apple would be compelled to assist French authorities in decrypting data, whether or not the firm held a decryption key to a device.

Since iOS 8, Apple has being saying that, it’s not impossible to unlock an iPhone without the passcode. Current news is that, FBI is attempting to impose a court order on Apple, compelling it to create a custom version of iOS to bypass security features designed to prevent a brute-force attack on the passcode. FBI has already requested Apple to make GovtOS >.

Earlier this week, AFP reported that French parliamentary deputies voted for the amendment against the wishes of the government, which so far has refused to introduce laws to introduce mandatory backdoors for national security.

“The rule aims to force phone makers to give investigators data and it will be up to the manufacturer to use whatever technique is necessary,” Philippe Goujon, the Republican lawmaker who proposed the amendment, told Bloomberg.

“The target is to have them cooperate. The aim is not to break the encryption. The principle is that manufacturers should cooperate.”

Additionally, the bill proposes that every person who doesn’t cooperate during an investigation will be face two years in jail and a €15,000 fine.

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