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Apple’s iPhone event is not magical anymore – heres why !

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I am an Apple Freak since i am a kid. I used to always love everything apple has ever made, mostly! Now after Steve Jobs passing, Apple kept on going and came up with products like iPhone 6, Macbook with new great features like continuity etc. Since the iPhone 6s launch the event are not magical anymore, it like same things are coming over and over again with a bit change which actually doesn’t give any huge impact in our daily life.

iPhone is like a part of our life, not only iPhone. Let’s go in deep into Apple product eco-system, iOS and OS X are deeply integrated into our life’s, in our office tasks and almost everywhere. Many of us every year wait just to get a new iPhone. We have lots of expectation from Apple regarding iPhone. We want innovation from apple, we all want new feature which we know it we need it but yet can’t speak it out. We have that type of high expectations from Apple. But apple is now letting us all down now.

Lame reason Apple iPhone SE event

Now Apple users don’t have much to say to android users. They have got features than iPhone. If you things about reliability, durability then I feel even sad to type this – Apple is lacking behind all these features. Apples yesterday’s event lost the vibes, lost the excitements. It was a complete snoozer. The events are not magical anymore.

Apple is lacking behind. They should highly consider it that users are being demotivated now. Expectations are going down. We are with Apple Still, Hope they will make it a go and come up with something new in iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 pro.

From our sources, we know that or it’s rumored that Apple is reportedly working on a car ‘ Project Tiitan ‘and experimenting with virtual reality, both should  be fascinating to see and unveiled publicly when the time comes, so lets keep the hopes alive now. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 pro is expected to come out later this year, and it will hopefully have some new features that meet our expectations (beyond a change in size and colors).

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