Apple released the iOS 9.3 (beta 7) today, How to update now and when the final version will be released ? - iAppleStuffs
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Apple released the iOS 9.3 (beta 7) today, How to update now and when the final version will be released ?

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It’s always better to stay ahead with the iOS latest released versions. Currently the latest iOS version for everyone is iOS 9.2.1 which is not jailbreakable at this moment. Fingures crossed, You have a high chance to get the iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak soon as Pangu team already said it’s safe to update to iOS 9.2.1.  And about the latest iOS 9.3 news is, Apple today has released to iOS 9.3 beta 7. This is the second big iOS update where apple is kept testing til beta 7. There might be beta 8 also. So if you want to update to iOS 9.3 beta right now or any iOS beta version early then you have to Register your iPhone UDID to Apple Developer Account > and update to latest iOS version.

Apple released the iOS 9.3, Whats News?

One of the primary new features of iOS 9.3 beta is the Night Shift mode, which includes a new toggle within CC (Control Center). Apple’s new Night Shift feature actually take the iOS clock & geo-location (Location services) of your device to automatically shift the colors in the display in order to a warm look end of the spectrum and reduces it’s exposure into bright blue so it goes easier on your eyes at night. This feature is like F.lux Cydia tweak.
Most the new features and explain in this article – Features and Whats new in iOS 9.3 (Read here).

How to get iOS 9.3 beta installed?

Today Apple has released the iOS 9.3 beta 7. If you want to update now then register your iPhone UDID here > to Apple Developer Account and get the iOS 9.3 beta’s legitimately. Once you have your iPhone / iPad UDID registered to Apple Developer Account, then Go to this article for install iOS beta on your iPhone. Else you can check out our youtube video tutorial below:

When the iOS 9.3 Final version will get released?

As we know, the iOS 9.3 is still in beta. The final version will likely to be released on the week of 21st March 2016 after the Apple’s big event “Let us loop you in” where it’s expected to release the iOS 9.3 final version along with watchOS 9.2, tvOS 9.2and OS X 10.11.4. Also, it’s expected to get iPhone 5SE or iPhone SE, > Smaller iPad Pro etc.
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