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Best Email App for iPhone and Mac

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Email is now a days the most important and the sometimes the least important thing in our life. This is so crucial and important in our life that i can’t finish writing if i start and sometime it’s painful to arrange the emails. I have used most of the top Email clients for iOS and OS X – like Boxer, Gmail, Mailbox, sparrow, Outlook, ymail, inbox, Cloud magic and many more. But among all of these Airmail took my attention because it’s a very powerful email client. I have to manage more than 5 email id’s everyday and deal with 100-500 emails everyday. It really sounds crazy but yeah i do and thanks to Airmail. I can so easily organize them and at a glance i can always search what i am looking for. Airmail is the best email client for Mac, no doubt. But for iOS its also great however i feel like it can do much more better than they are doing now. They just released the iOS version of Airmail in the App store last week so yeah give it some time and it will be more powerful just like its in Mac.

I used to love Mailbox, but it’s being shutdown by dropbox soon. I won’t forget mailbox. It was the best for iPhone. But then i switched to boxer mail app then Airmail came out for iOS. I was so  happy to see it in the App Store. Its so great and powerful. I highly recommend you to use Airmail. However its a paid app  iOS ($4.99) & Mac ($9.99) but it’s truly worth the price.

You can download the cracked versions but i will recommend you Not to download cracked apps for when it comes to secured stuffs like emails and information. So yeah buy the apps and support the developers.

Get Airmail for Mac here.
Get Airmail for iPhone/iPad here.
Check out their website.

You can sync your settings through iCloud. Its another great feature. And searching is so easy with Airmail. It will make your emails more organized and make your life much more easier. It also has an app for Apple Watch too where you can read and reply the email as well. Boxer app didn’t have this feature on their apple watch app so Airmail is step ahead than boxer. Get that app now.

Hope this article has helped you out if you are looking for email app reviews. Checkout the details of the App here bellow:

Airmail is a powerful mail client for Mac, now available for iPhone.
Designed for the latest generation iPhone and iOS9, it supports 3D Touch, fast document previewing, high quality pdf creation, and native integration with other apps and services for a frictionless workflow.
Workflow customization at the core with a rich features set like snooze, interactive push notification, and full inbox sync.
iCloud sync provide a full ubiquitous sync experience so that all your mailbox preferences, and app preferences are synced.


– Accounts support: GMAIL, EXCHANGE, IMAP and, POP3
– Push Notifications, with VIP and Custom actions.
– Push Notifications, full body preview and custom sound.
– Badge, Unread, Messages, and New
– Apple Watch app with glance and interactive notifications
– Customizable Swipes
– Thread and single message support
– Snooze Messages
– Bulk Editing
– iCloud Sync Mac/iOS
– Drafts
– Aliases
– Multiple signatures
– Unified Inbox
– Horizontal layout
– 19 Languages

– 3D Touch quick access
– 3D Touch Peek and Pop
– iOS 9 Search API for Documents and Messages
– Share Composer Extension
– iCloud Sync Label color Mac/iOS
– iCloud Account settings sync Mac/iOS
– iCloud Preference sync Mac/iOS
– iCloud VIP sync
– Handoff Mac/iOS

– Online Search
– Filter by Unread, Starred, Conversation, Today and Smart
– Bull icon to quick access to the message of one sender
– Quick per account single folder access


– Full label access
– Per single labels sync
– Quick access to recent labels
– Favorite labels
– Full Label creation and editing
– Document view with rich preview
– Unread, Today, Conversations, Contacts 


– HTML rich composer
– Attachments resize
– Document Provider support in composer “Dropbox, Google Drive and much more”.
– Signature swipes
– Composer Extension
– Online Drafts
– Send and Archive 


– Undo actions
– Transfer on different accounts
– Multiple signature
– Operation view
– Attachment view
– Contacts view
– Mark as unread on open 


– Google Directory Search
– Exchange Global Address List
– Contacts Group messages
– Auto CC/BCC


– Archive
– Trash
– Snooze defer messages
– Move and Labels
– Mark as Unread
– Mark as Starred
– Mark as Spam
– To Do, Memo, Done
– Send to Calendar
– Send to iOS Extension
– Create a Searchable PDF
– Print
– Bounce
– Redirect
– Transfer to a different account
– Universal link Mac/iOS
– Add to sender to VIP
– Empty Trash and Spam
– Mark full mailbox as read
– Archive all messages 


– Google Drive
– Dropler
– OneDrive
– Dropbox

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