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So as now we have moved into mobile life from PC life so we use Safari most often. In case of me, even if i have 10 browsing apps in my iPhone i just open safari first. I always use safari though i don’t want to use it sometime but it became a habit to use safari. So if you are like me then i have a small trick for you to use it on safari and trust me it’s going to save your life and make it very less painful at time.

For example, When i was at university studying i had to check my ID from a PDF file which was opened in safari. You all hate that feature right, that we can’t download in safari. Yeah we do ! and i know you do too. So yeah getting back on search, i had no clue that i can search for my ID so easy from safari instead of scrolling and finding it out. Yes guys you can search for a exact keyword on a website on safari without doing anything, its just too simple and you didn’t knew it also. This is how you are going to do it.

How to search for a keyword in Safari

Step 1: Just navigate to any website. For example, Go to
Step 2: Now tap on the address bar in safari.

Step 3: Now search for the keyword. Here i am searching my name ” RAFI ” in the bar. And then press enter then it will direct take you the place where that keyword is.

Step 4: Thats not only it, after that you will see at the bottom there is a small bar, now you can search the words in that bar.

And if you are using Mac than you can simple search using ” Command + F ” and type the keyword.

This is so simple and i hope it has helped you a lot. Enjoy. 

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