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Apple release iOS 9.3.1 Beta to Developers, all features explained and how you can get the iOS 9.3 right now

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Apple has released the iOS 9.3 beta to apple developers with tons of new features. Its been a long time i didn’t update to any iOS versions as after ios 9.0.2 i didn’t see any such amazing differences in new iOS versions but this time in iOS 9.3 Apple has blew my mind with its new features. The last beta was iOS 9.2 beta 2 after that all of a sudden Apple just released the iOS 9.3 now. I am going to explain you all new features here and also tell you how you can get the iOS 9.3 right now on your iPhone.

Features and Whats new in iOS 9.3:
The top-new features what i want to talk about is  the new Touch ID security option for the Notes app, the new quick action 3D Touch shortcuts, updated News app features, multiple Apple Watch pairing ability, and much much too much more this time.

Notes App Security:
Now you can lock down your individual notes with touch ID. Its really great. Finally you can lock em.

iOS 9.3 Beta OTA update:

Now you can update to any iOS beta without even having itunes. You just need to install the profile and done, new beta updates will show up in your settings. You just then you can install them without using iTunes.

Photos app Duplicate as Still Photo

You can duplicate a Live Photo as a high quality Still Photo.

Health app now features Activity data

Apple Watch activity data now resides inside of the Health app.

Night Shift mode

Apple Sherlocked f.lux by incorporating a new “Night Shift” mode into iOS 9.3. Basically the same feature like we have on F.lux.

News app updates

You can now use the News app in landscape mode on iPhone, and play videos inline

Multiple Apple Watch pairing:

You can now pair more than one Apple Watch with an iPhone. Yes you can pair your girl friends Apple watch to your iPhone also, no more extra pain of setting up the apple watch all over again.

New 3D Touch Quick Action shortcuts

Tons of new Quick Action shortcuts have been added for stock applications.

iCloud for iBooks

PDFs now sync via iCloud in iBooks.

CarPlay improvements

New CarPlay features include enhanced For You and New sections in Apple Music, and a new nearby feature in the Maps app brings better POI support to CarPlay.

New education features

Last year Apple stepped into Health, Now Apple is stepping amazingly into Education very formally and in a better way. In the future, Apple will make a new Multi User feature and a new My Classroom app available to schools.

How you can get iOS 9.3:

Apple released the iOS 9.3 beta for developers if you want to install the IOS 9.3 then you need to register your iPhone UDID to Apple Developer Account and then download and install the iOS beta in your iPhone. You can register your UDID to Apple Developer Account from our website udid registration page. Click here to register your iPhone to Apple Developer Account and enjoy installing iOS beta’s for next 1 year.

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