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Top 8 Jailbreak Cydia free tweaks for iOS 9

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As the iOS 9 jailbreak getting more stable and cydia tweaks a, developers are hard at work bringing us many new iOS 9 Cydia tweaks or making updates to older iOS 9 Cydia tweaks to be compatible. As a continuation of the top 10 iOS 9 Cydia tweaks series I have a new collection of 10 awesome new and updated iOS 9 Cydia tweaks for your enjoyment! These work with all devices and most are free tweaks. And if not free then add any of the repo ( or ( and you will get these tweaks for free.

Top 8 Jailbreak Cydia tweaks

These are the new best top cydia tweaks updated for iOS 9. You can install Cydown at first, which is the best cydia tweak ever. Instead of 8 tweaks, i am giving you top 10 tweaks and also some bonus tweaks.

Snapper. Quickly highlight a certain area of your display and have the selected area float in place while you use your phone. Useful for entering WiFi passwords of phone numbers from the photos in particular.
TypeStatus2: Get a glimpse of the future iMessages coming to you by knowing when someone is typing and about to send you a message. Also get a notification when someone reads your iMessage!
3DNoLag: Make your 3D touch animations so much smoother on your iPhone 6S and 6S plus. Try it, you won’t want to uninstall it!
Tage 8 n 9: An awesome multitasking gestures tweak. Quickly exit apps, enter app switcher, switch between apps and turn off your device without pressing any buttons! Custom Source Needed:
InstaLauncher: Launch apps quickly with either hand using this custom interface to quickly locate apps. Set with an Activator gesture.
SmoothCursor: A nice smooth animation for the cursor when typing on iOS 9.
Swipe Home. Swipe up on the app switcher to clear entire multitasking pane. Swipe down to get lots of toggles for rebooting, locking screen, etc..
Möbius & SpotlightBeGone: Swipe infinitely between your pages on the homescreen. SpotlighBeGone is recommended. Custom Source Needed:
VirtualHome 8 n 9: Bring lots of functionality to your home button without needing to press it! Tap to go home, hold to open app switcher, press and hold to lock device. Custom Source Needed:
VideoPane 2: Bring picture in picture functionality to any device. Works great on iOS 9 and makes for great multitasking! You can use any Ios App while playing video in the screen.

Bonus tweaks:

CCSettings. An awesome free and light tweak that allows you to gain many new toggles in the control center such as low power mode, screenshot, respring and many others. Also change from default of 5 to 4 or 6 displaying at once.
SpotlightBeGone. Remove that pesky and troublesome spotlight feature from your homescreen. Similar to exorcising a demon. You’ll wonder why you ever put up with it. Your device will feel much snappier and less laggy in general.
NudeKeys. A beautiful color HUD for your keyboard. Add a touch of color to your keyboard, looks really impressive once installed.
CuttleFish. Replace the standard blur effect when using 3D touch on the 6S with the color of the app icon you are pressing. Life is better with color! Custom Source Needed:
Shortcuts. Add 3D touch shortcuts to apps that previously had none. Such as Cydia, Weather, Stocks, and several quick toggles to Settings such as Respring, Safe Mode, Reboot and Shut Down. Custom Source Needed:
DockShift. 12 custom skins for your dock. More like 4 with varying intensities actually. But free and makes for a clean look.
IncognitoMessages. Creep mode engaged. Choose who you want to see your read messages when using iMessage. Same goes for the typing status.
FaceDown. Have your device screen shut off when you flip your device onto its display!
UnlockSounds. Add sound to your device when unlocking. Many to choose from, remember the good old days.
Spin. A custom interface for the media on your lockscreen. Looks great and something new.

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