Top 25 Cydia tweaks of November 2015

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I know all are excited about the Black Friday deals nows. In the recent weeks, we have seen a handful of interesting jailbreak tweaks that take your iPhone beyond its limits. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 25 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9 that we believe are worth checking out.

Top 25 Cydia tweaks of November 2015

Auris: With Auris installed, when you plug in your headphone to your device, the tweak automatically displays a pop up with a list of the music apps that you’d like to launch to play a song.
Baumans (Font): Baumans is a font for BytaFont 3 that is simple, minimalist and worth trying.
BytaFont 3: With BytaFont 3, you will get the ability to change the default font of iOS to any other third party font that you’d like. These fonts can be found in Cydia under the ‘Fonts’ section
CCClockOpenToAlarm 8+: Control Center features a series of Quick Launch apps that are located beneath its interface. CCClockOpenToAlarm does exactly what it’s name suggests. It opens the alarms section of the Clock app when you tap on its icon in Control Center.
CCircle: CCircle is a tiny tweak that customizes Control Center by making the Quick Launch apps icons circular.
ColorBanners: ColorBanners is an interesting tweak that allows you to change the color of your notification banner to whatever that you’d like such as red, green, yellow etc. ColorBanners can be found in the following repo in Cydia:
ColorPredictive: With ColorPredictive, you can change the color of the Predictive text to anything that you’d like.
ColorSwitches: ColorSwitches serves a single purpose, that is to allow you to change the color of the iOS 8 or iOS 9 switches to anything that you’d like.
EarphoneStatusBar: When you plug in your headphones to your iOS device, EarphoneStatusBar tweak displays an icon in the Status bar informing you that the headphone has been plugged in.
Eclipse 3: The tweak brings night mode across the entire iOS. It changes the theme of all the apps interface to a darker color scheme that makes it easier to read at night and reduces the amount of strain on your eyes.
Ethos: When you’re hearing to a song on your iPhone and launch a game then your device will automatically pause the song so that you can hear to the game’s music. Ethos disables this by letting the song play in the background even if a game is launched.
HideAppMenu (Free): hides the dedicated apps section in Settings.
IconArt: A simple but interesting tweak, IconArt automatically changes the icon of the Music app to the album artwork of the currently playing song.
KeyVibe: With KeyVibe, you will get to enjoy haptic feedback on your iOS 9 device. Due to certain limitations, the tweak only works on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.KeyVibe can be found on the following repo:
Lylac:Lylac brings a range of enhancements to the iOS 9 App Switcher such as invoking App Switcher with 3D Touch gesture, close all running apps with a single swipe gesture, customize the style of the App Switcher and much more.Manilla: Manilla allows you to use 3D Touch on your Home screen folders. When you do so, a shortcut menu is displayed containing the apps that are within the folder. You can tap on any one of the apps to launch them.You can get Manilla by first adding the following repo to Cydia:

NoEmergency: The tweak removes the Emergency button from the passcode screen.
NotificationCards: Inspired by the Apple Watch notification style, the tweak changes the look and feel of the notification previews on your iPhone Lock screen by displaying them as a series of cards rather than a string of text. Each notification will be displayed as a card just like what you’d see on an Apple Watch.
Ophelia:With Ophelia, you can easily remove the app icons in notification banners.
Palin:This tweak makes the Lock screen passcode and buttons transparent.
PhoneAppNoFav If you never found yourself using the Favorites section in the phone app then you’ll find this tweak handy. PhoneAppNoFav lets you remove the Favorites tab from the: Phone app.
PictureInPicture: Picture in Picture mode is a useful feature that is available to select iPad models however if you own a jailbroken device then you can enjoy the feature on any of your iOS 9 device by making use of Rpetrich’s PictureInPicture tweak.The tweak can be found on the following repo:
Spotit: Spotit is a very interesting tweak that brings the Reddit feed to Spotlight. It displays a list of the hottest topics on Reddit in Spotlight and you can quickly open any one of them in Safari.
Springtomize 3: Springtomize 3 is a well-known jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize any elements of iOS ranging from the Lock screen to the Home screen dock and animations. You can completely change the look and feel of iOS with this amazing jailbreak tweak.
Xaris: Normally, Safari allows you to launch more than 30 tabs at once. Xaris gets rid of this limitation by allowing you to open as many tabs as you’d like without any restriction.

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