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Here is why Apple is increasing App Prices In few select countries again

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At times living in a global market isn’t always a good thing always, and at some point in the next day or so, that’s going to ring true for iPhone and iPad users in Australia, Indonesia and Sweden.

That’s because Apple has begun letting developers know that it will be increasing the price of apps, in-app purchase and subscriptions within the next 36 hours, outlining the move as well as what it will mean for developers’ customers. A small increase can be a huge payment for some iOS users also. Apple has increased its App Store pricing in different counties in the past, particularly in Europe, to counteract the affect of the change in currency conversion rates over time. With Apple set to increase the price in Australia, Indonesia and Sweden imminently, we can only assume that the reason is once again one of a currency change nature.

Apple has told developers that while it will not be cancelling existing subscriptions, it will be letting subscribers know that the price of their subscriptions will be increasing shortly before they renew. How close to the renewal that will be happening is anyone’s guess, but we suspect there will be plenty of people having not read that email by the time their subscription is charged.

Although we’re changing the prices for auto-renewable In-App Purchase subscriptions, we won’t interrupt them. We’ll send an email to your subscribers in Australia, Indonesia, and Sweden shortly before their existing subscription renews to let them know of the price increase. The email also includes a link to allow customers to turn their subscription off.

While Apple isn’t giving concrete information on when the switchover will take place, we do know that it is just around the corner and is likely to happen Tuesday, October 13th. If you have any apps that you’re on the fence about buying and live in one of the three affected countries, now might be the time to hit that Buy button.

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