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I love my Apple Watch more than my iPhone also. I don’t even know why, may be it’s because it’s looks and black theme inside. Now you can get the same feature of Night Mode on your iPhone. This article is  ror people with a jailbroken iOS 9 device, we have a good news for you. Developer of Eclipse has now released the beta version of the tweak that makes it compatible with iOS 9 devices  and comes with a small change which is also pretty nice.

If you haven’t heard of Eclipse yet, it is a very interesting tweak that brings night mode across the entire iOS. It changes the theme of all the apps interface to a darker color scheme that makes it easier to read at night and reduces the amount of strain on your eyes.

Eclipse 3 is marked as a beta package which means that you will not find it in any one of the default Cydia repos. To get your hands on it, go to the Sources tab followed by Edit -> Add and type in the new URL: You should then be able to find the tweak by looking in the newly added repository or doing a simple search.

It’s important to note that the beta package will only work for users who have purchased Eclipse in the past otherwise it will cause your device to go into Safeamode forcing you to uninstall it which is really problematic,

Compared to the predecessor, the only noticeable change in Eclipse 3 is that all the applications are now disabled by default rather than being enabled. This makes your life much easier than if all the apps were enabled and you had to go through the entire list to disable the ones that you didn’t want.

There are still a handful issues that has to be addressed by the developer but we should expect to see regular updates that will fix all the known bugs. Keep in mind that Eclipse 3 is still in the beta stages and there are chances that you will face issues using it.

Have you tried Eclipse 3 beta yet? Share your experience with us in the comments section below. You will love it.

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