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Today i was downloading apps in my iOS 9.2 running iPhone 6s after so many days. I saw the apps where downloading in the morning then when i checked my iPhone after 3-4 hours i saw that app are still downloading, some of them are in grey color, it made me pissed and i called my ISP and screwed them for slow speed internet, but the issue was not with ISP. I am using a 5mbps speed  WiFi and download were like 512kbps speed. My other things were working perfectly like browsing, watching YouTube –  all were fine but the only problem was in downloading apps from the App store using Wifi network. It was really painful and annoying. I searched net, watched some videos for a fix – some one said call ISP, turn off Genius on your Apple ID. None of them helped later only i found this magical simple solution which worked like a charm. So i am going to share it with you now.

How to Fix Slow app downloading from App Store:
I never thought that the solution would be that simple. I will make a video tutorial for this in a while so make sure you have subscribed to my YouTube Channel first. Then you may follow this step to fix the extreme slow downloading app from the App Store issue.

Step 1: Open up Setting app in your iPhone and go to WiFi. The Select your Wifi network then click on the (i) sign beside your WiFi network name,

Step 2: Once you enter into the settings and you will find the DNS over that just delete the DNS which is already there and type and save it. You can also write these two DNS like this, And save it. These are fastest Google DNS. You can google up and add other DNS also but i would recommend to use google DNS. As it’s trusted and save to use.

Step 3: You are done. Now Apps will start downloading at a normal speed, no more slow downloading from App store.

I hope this article has helped you to fix your slow app download issues from the App store. Leave a comment and let me know if the issue is fixed or not. For me and many others it worked perfectly. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our youtube channel. Cheers.

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