Apple’s just announced Magic accessories – Magic Trackpad 2, Magic mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard 2

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Apple’s just announced Magic accessories—the $99 Magic Keyboard, $79 Magic Mouse 2 and $129 Magic Trackpad 2—don’t just feature a refreshed design with an integrated litium-ion battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and a built-Lightning port for recharging, but a new way to pair them with your computer. On this article i am give you a over view of the Magic Trackpad 2.

The previous-generation mouse, keyboard and trackpad had to be paired to your Mac using the standard wireless pairing process for Bluetooth-compatible peripherals: you would go through the Bluetooth pane of OS X’s System Preferences to scan for Bluetooth device and pair one to your computer.

With the Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard, the pairing process has been vastly simplified, however.

Bluetooth pairing via Lightning
According to Apple’s press release and the new Magic accessories micro-site, the new Magic devices pair instantly with a Mac as soon as they are plugged in via the included Lightning-to-USB charging cable.

“Each Apple accessory automatically pairs with your Mac using a Lightning to USB cable,” reads Apple’s website. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t detail the technology behind this new pairing process but I’m sure we’ll be learning more about it in the coming days.

Because they use Bluetooth 4.0 rather than the outdated Bluetooth 2.0 standard found on previous-generation Magic devices, the new accessories are also smart enough to know when they’re not being used and manage power efficiently to extend battery life.

The $99 Magic Keyboard, $79 Magic Mouse 2 and $129 Magic Trackpad 2 are available today from the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. Every new iMac comes standard with the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2. The Magic Trackpad 2 is an optional purchase.

Will you buy it ?
I lost my interest, not gonna buy it. Happy with my old trackpad.

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