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iPhone 6s plus bend test

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iPhones 6s bend, nope not happening this time. When the iPhone 6 Plus launched a year ago, users quickly started noticing that the device would bend when put in pockets and put under moderate levels of pressure. Dubbed ‘bendgate,’ the issue overshadowed much of the iPhone 6 Plus launch and with the release of the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple claims that it has made changes to the device to make it more sturdy…

YouTuber Christian from FoneFox has already gotten his hands on the iPhone 6s Plus over in New Zealand and has put the device through a variety of different bend tests, seeing if Apple’s efforts to increase the strength of the device actually help in real world usage. The iPhone 6s Plus is .02mm thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus and features new 7000 Series aluminum, both of which should greatly lend aid to the sturdiness of the device.

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In FoneFox’s tests the iPhone 6s Plus is subject to the same bend process that its predecessor was a year ago. Pressure is simply applied to both ends of the device in an effort to bend it in the middle. As more pressure is applied, the device does slightly start to bend, but once the pressure is removed, the device falls back into its normal form. Furthermore, FoneFox has two people attempt to bend a single iPhone 6s Plus, with one person on either end of the device. Under this amount of pressure, the device does bend permanently, but as FoneFox notes, this amount of pressure is unlikely to ever occur in real world usage.

It’s clear that Apple’s efforts to make the iPhone 6s Plus more sturdy than its predecessor have succeeded for the most part. You can view the bend test video itself below:

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