How to enable iOS 9 News app if you are outside USA

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Among other things, iOS 9 adds four new non-removable apps to your Home screen, one of them called News and the other three being iCloud Drive, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.

Unfortunately, folks living outside the United States are out of luck as News is US-only at launch.

Now, the forthcoming iOS 9.1 software update will officially bring News to the United Kingdom and perhaps some other markets. That being said, you can actually enable News regardless of where you live, and here’s how.

How to enable News on iOS 9 if you’re outside US

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 9.
Step 2: Navigate to General > Language & Region.
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Step 3: Now tap on Region in the Region Formats section.
Step 4: You will be presented with the list of supported iOS regions. Simply choose United States and tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.
Step 5: iOS will ask you to please confirm changing your region. Confirm by tapping the button labeled Continue.

Tip: Your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will respring in order to apply the new region setting. This can take up to a minute so don’t panic when the screen goes black.

More about and Apple News
Featuring a Flipboard-like interface and taking advantage of the new and proprietary Apple News format, the new News app makes it easy to enjoy news stories from your favorite sources, without web clutter and with sleek image galleries, attractive layouts, smooth animations and so forth.

“News also combines the rich and immersive design found in print with the interactivity of digital media, letting you enjoy stunningly crafted articles that reflect the style of the publications they come from,” reads the Cupertino firm’s official News micro-site
The articles can come from anywhere, but the best ones are built in News format.

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