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Top 100 Cydia tweak for iOS 8.4 to set a perfect iPhone/iPad/iPod

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Top 100 Cydia tweaks for iOS 8.4:

PrismBoard makes the keyboard translucent with random key popup color.
iFile is a file manager that gives you access to your iPhone or iPad’s file system. It also allows you to view various types of files such as pdf, zip, etc.
IfFound2 makes it easier to return your lost device. It puts a button on your lock screen that will present the finder of your iPhone with all of your contact information so the finder can get it back very easily.
MTerminal brings Terminal to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so you can use it to change the default root password.
ReachApp (repo – brings split-screen multitasking to iOS 8. Check our ReachApp review for more details.
Phantom for Snapchat unlocks nearly all of Snapchat’s limitations.
MessagesCustomiser (repo – allows you to customize the look of the Messages app. Read our MessagesCustomiser review.
Cylinder brings a number of cool animations to page animations like the 3D-cube effect. Read our Cylinder review.
Barrel is another tweak that brings a number of cool page animations. Read our Barrel review.
TapToSnap lets you take a picture by simply tapping on the camera viewfinder.
CCBackground sets background wallpaper to Control Center.
StatusModifier lets you keep track of free memory in the Status bar. Check our post about StatusModifier for more details.
Speed Intensifier speeds up animations on your device. You have 3 modes to choose from, Simple, Fusion, and Advanced. Simple only speeds up opening and closing of apps, Advanced speeds up all animations on the device. Fusion will be a combination of the 2 in which it will speed up opening and closing of apps and animations within apps, but not some animations including slide to unlock text, or loading indicators.
Bars gives you a better understanding of the signal strength by displaying stair-stepped indicators.
Cask (repo – adds cool fading effect while scrolling through table views.
CClean allows users to keep Control Center clean by providing options to remove the background from specific sections, hide various Control Center sections, alter icon background and more. In other words, it provides users with freedom to customize the look of Control Center. Read our CClean review for more details.
ShowCase makes it easier to figure out if you’re typing in capital letters or lower case by displaying upper case and lower case letters on the keyboard.
HapticMusic makes your iPhone vibrate when the song changes.
Dock&Roll allows you to customize your iPhone or iPad’s dock.
Repower provides useful information in the “Power Down” view.
Fuse lets you view the media controls and the clock at the same time on the Lock screen.
ColorBadges changes the color of the notification badges on your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen to match the color of app icon.
Winterboard (Theme used in the video: Ace N iOS 8): The best thing about jailbreaking is the ability to customize the look and feel of my iPhone. You no longer need to be greeted by the boring default look of the iOS. WinterBoard enables you to do just that, by allowing you to download custom themes from Cydia, that can be applied to completely change the look and feel of your iOS device.
CheeseCake brings the Android Lollipop sleep animation. So when you put your device to sleep, you get a nice zoom out/fade out animation.
Sleekkey (repo: removes all lines from keyboard to look more sleek.
SmoothPop adds fade in and fade out animations to the character previews.
F.lux (repo – We’ve all been there – a notification arrives on your iPhone late at night, and the screen brightness nearly blinds you for the first few seconds after unlocking. F.lux aims to solve this problem by adjusting the color of your iPhone’s display to better adapt to the time of the day. Read our F.lux review for more details.
PM, really? ensures you don’t set the alarm for the evening accidentally. Read our post on PM, really? for more details.
Spectral gives the lock screen a little more character with blurred album artwork.
CircleIcons allows you to change the look of the Settings app with Circular icons.
FavoriteTweaks makes it easy to keep track of your favorite Jailbreak Tweaks. Check our post on FavoriteTweaks for more details.
Power Tap gives you options such as slide to reboot, respring, or go directly into safe mode when you tap on “Slide to Power off“ slider knob.
SwitchSpring lets you kill all background apps, Restart SpringBoard with a swipe in app switcher.
NotNine adds backgrounds and drawing tools to the Notes app in iOS 8.
Clearlocknotifications clears all notifications from the lock screen.
Foldercloser auto closes the folder when you launch an app.
Cistem aperio blur the unused Control Center space.
OopsLock gives you a grace period after you lock your device to unlock it again without having to enter the passcode again.
HideMe8 Lite is the mother of all jailbreak tweaks when it comes to allowing you hide UI elements.
ReturnToSender (repo – is a nifty tweak that replaces the Return key with the Send button in the Messages app.
DockShift lets you customize your iPhone’s dock. Check our DockShift review for more details.
DockColor allows you to change the color of your dock.
HUDTransparent8 removes the blurred background on the volume HUD. It makes the volume HUD less intrusive when watching videos.
CameraTweak 3 adds tons of features to the stock Camera app. Check our CameraTweak 3 review for more details.
SmartTap lets you unlock your iPhone by double tapping on the screen. Check our post on SmartTap for more details.
Iconoclasm allows you to change the layout of icons on the Home screen.
RecordPause lets you pause and resume video recordings with Camera app. Check our post on RecordPause for more details.
LastApp lets you switch back to the previous app quite similar to iOS 9 back to app button. Read our LastApp review.
iCleaner removes cache files and other unwanted files from the iOS filesystem to free up storage space.
Springtomize 3 packs a bunch of tweaks into one package and gives you more control over customizing your iOS device.
BetterFiveColumnHomescreen (repo – allows you to have 5 columns of apps on the Home screen.
Cornered brings iOS 8-style rounded corners to iOS 8 action sheet and alerts.
Auxo Legacy Edition brings back the original Auxo to iOS 8. Read our post on Auxo Legacy Edition for more details.
SafariRefresh brings the cool pull to refresh functionality to mobile Safari. Check our post on SafariRefresh for more details.
CloseAll lets you close all open tabs at once in Safari.
Mirmir brings a cool new way of multitasking on the iPhone. Check our Mirmir review for more details.
FrontFlash simulates flash in front-facing camera, even on the iPad.
Binary Keypad (
HapticPro allows you to customize haptic feedback for the keyboard, buttons and more.
Eclipse 2 brings night mode to iPhone and iPad.
Mobius (repo – brings infinite scrolling to the Home screen and folders.
ColorPass lets you change the color of the passcode keys.
RoundDock is a very simple tweak that rounds out the corners of the top of the dock.
MusicRotate enables rotation in the Music app in iOS 8.4.
Minimal Camera 2 lets you hide the individual elements of the Camera app.
Spin completely revamps music interface on Lock screen. Check our Spin review for more details.
Polus lets you customize your control center quick launch apps.
Flurry changes the UI elements of the Control Center, the Notification Center, and even within certain applications.
BytaFont 2 allows you to change the system font on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read our post on how to change system font with BytaFont 2.
NoSlowAnimations makes iOS 8 snappier by speeding up animations. Check our NoSlowAnimations review for more details.
Clearfolders makes the folder background transparent.
SmoothCursor: If you’ve used Office 2013 then you probably have noticed the cursor that comes along with it and that cursor is exactly what you get with this tweak. If you’re not familiar, the cursor will no longer jump from character to character as you type, instead it will fluidly move throughout the text while you type. Think of it as a much higher fps tweak for your cursor.
MiniPlayer is a slick custom widget for music controls inspired by the iTunes mini player. Check our MiniPlayer review for more details.
Pheromone is one of the first few jailbreak tweaks to customize Cydia.
SleepFX adds cool effects when the screen dims.
Classicfolders brings back iOS 6-style folders to iOS 8.
Hotdog allows you to customize your Lock screen and Status bar to your liking.
AlternateControls adds on-screen software buttons for iOS.
TimePasscode changes your passcode every single minute.
GridSwitcher changes the layout of the app switcher to a grid view.
Record ‘N’ Torch lets you enable the camera flash toggle while recording a video.
DoubleTapToSleep is very simple tweak that just allows you to double tap on the Home screen to put your device to sleep.
DateInstatusbar (repo – puts the date right in the status bar, which makes it easy to check the date while you’re inside an app, or anywhere on your device.
BounceNotify8 makes the Dock icons bounce when you get a notification.
PowerPlus provides more options in the power-down menu when holding the Lock button.
Kingdom Hearts Lock Glyph (repo – – LockGlyph theme
RoundedSwitcherCards brings the iOS 9’s rounded edge look to the app switcher cards in iOS 8.
Zeppelin lets you change your iPhone’s carrier logo. Read our post to find out how to change your iPhone’s carrier logo with Zepplin.
SendDelay brings Gmail’s Undo Send feature to the Messages app, so you get enough time to cancel a message before it is sent.
NoGrabber hides the grabbers in Notification Center and Control Center.
Slide2Kill8 Lite allows you to quickly close apps in the app switcher.
Font – Galette
Activator (repo – lets users assign custom actions in response to triggers like pressing the volume button, or gestures like a three finger pinch and so on. It’s a must-have for power users. You can check out our tips on how to supercharge your iPhone with Activator.
CCControls lets you customize Control Center toggles. Check our post on CCControls for more details.
ColorBanners colorizes the notifications on your Lock screen based on the app’s dominant color.
BetterFiveIconDock (repo – lets you add a fifth icon to the iPhone dock.
Hidefavoritestab hides the Favorites tab in the Phone app.
OneHandWizard shrinks the screen to make it much easier to use one-handed.
HUDDismiss lets you dismiss HUD by tapping.

Bonus tweaks:

MultiIconMover+ makes it easier to move multiple icons in or out of folders. Read our MultiIconMover+ review for more details.
BlurryBadges gives you the ability to blur the Notification badges.
GuestMode adds guest mode to iPhone and iPad.
Apex 2 brings a cool way to group apps. Check our Apex 2 review for more details.
LongCCB lets you tap and hold on a Control Center toggle to access Settings pane.
Emoji83+ enables the Spock emoji and other hidden emojis on your iPhone.
CallBar stops calls from interrupting you. Check our CallBar review for more details.
CC Desperator removes line separators from Control Center.
SaveGram allows you to save Instagram photos to the Camera Roll with two quick taps.
LockGlyph brings Apple Pay’s animation and sound to the Lock Screen when you unlock your device using Touch ID.
OneTapClear allows you to clear notifications in Notification Center with one tap.
Alkaline is a theming tool that allows you to theme Battery, Wi-Fi and data indicators. Check our post to find out how to change your iPhone’s battery, Wi-Fi and data indicators.
BannerBuddy resolves an issue I had with Reachability when it was released with iOS 8. When you get a notification banner and you’re using your phone one handed, if you invoke reachability, the banner stays at the top of the screen. Well, with BannerBuddy, this is no longer the case. After invoking reachability you will bring down the banner and be able to interact with it.
GroovyLock gives you the ability to add widgets to the Lock screen.
Transition brings cool animations when you unlock your device.
AquaBoard adds water effects to your iPhone’s Home and Lock screen.
ColorFlow automatically colorizes your Music app based on the album art of the currently playing song.
BetterFourByFourFolders (repo – lets you put 16 apps in a single folder.

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