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How to unjailbreak/remove jailbreak from your iPhone/iPad without restoring ios

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We know what jailbreak can do. It has so many good sides and also some bad sides. Depending your choice now if you want to remove/unjailbreak your iPhone then you can just do it without restoring using itunes. Earlier the only way to remove jailbreak was to restore your device in itunes to the latest firmware/ios version. But today Cydia owner Saurik just released ” Cydia Impactor ” that can remove jailbreak and all of it’s components dircetly from your device. Now you can unjailbreak your device in some few easy steps. I am going to show you now how you can unjailbreak your device. So lets get started:

How to Unjailbreak iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without restoring iOS:

Before i start, please keep in mind that currently this tool is in beta for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4, so your mileage may vary. Be sure to backup your device using itunes, as this will delete all settings, apps, and contents. It will remove all jailbreak related stuff and “unjailbreak” & also all of your Cydia tweaks of your iPhone. You will still remain on the same ios version, but all of your data will be wiped off . So lets get started now-

Step 1: Backup your iOS device using iCloud or iTunes
Step 2: Make sure that you device is plugged in, and has at least 20% battery life
Step 3: Install Cydia Impactor from Cydia
Step 4: Run Cydia Impactor by tapping delete all data and unjailbreak device, then tap the Delete All button to confirm. Once the process begins, be sure not to touch your device until you see the iOS setup welcome screen
Step 5: Once completed and at the welcome screen, go back through the initial iOS setup process and activation

That’s it guys just as easy as these simple steps. You will now have a stock iPhone on your current firmware. If you want to reestablish your jailbreak, just use the same jailbreak tool that you used to jailbreak before. You can also choose to restore your backup during the iOS setup process. You can jailbreak later anytime you want. 
Apple released the iOS 9 beta 3, if you want then you should update to iOS 9 beta because its 5x better than current iOS 8.4. They have changed so many things and improved the overall iOS system. There is much more battery efficiency. There are new app in iOS 9 like Wallet, Notes(totally redesigned), Apple News, split multitasking and much more. For updating to iOS 9 beta you need to register your iPhone/iPad/iPod UDID to Apple Developer Account and then you can update to iOS beta version. Click here to register/enroll your device udid to Apple Developer Account and the update to iOS 9 beta and enjoy all the features of iOS 9 legitimately.
Checkout the video tutorial for unjailbreaking the iPhone, made by IDB:

What do you think? Are you excited to have this new firmware preservation tool?

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