iOS 9 Features: Improved Battery life and the all-new Low Power mode, Mail Drop Support, Multi-tasking, Notes and optimization

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Apple added tons of new features in iOS 9, it’s not great it’s fantastic, Smooth, flawless, and mostly it’s mainly optimized for your device. Apple hasn’t released the iOS 9 for everyone yet, it’s released for Apple developers only, those who has purchased Apple Developer Account with $99 can have access and update to iOS 9 beta right now. If you Don’t have an Apple Developer Account then you can register your iPhone iPad iPod UDID to Apple Developer Account here, Click here to register your device to Apple Developer Program. It will give you access to install/Update and get activated in iOS 9 beta and enjoy all of it’s features. It’s very nice and more battery efficient.

iOS 9 brings Mail Drop support to iPhone and iPad; allows you to email large attachments using iCloud.

Apple claims that iOS 9 will extend iPhone and iPad’s battery life by an additional hour. They have achieved this feat by making the entire operating system, apps and key technologies more efficient and it’s totally optimized for your device to give you the best mobile iOS experience.

Apple hasn’t provided a lot of details about how it has achieved it, but it briefly mentions that iOS 9 will use ambient light and proximity sensors to detect when your iPhone is facedown on the table and prevent the screen from turning on even when you receive a notification.

But one of the major features is the all-new Low Power mode, which can extend your iPhone’s battery life by 3 hours.

How does it work?
Low Power mode extends your iPhone’s battery life by 3 additional hours, but it comes at a cost. The new mode reduces performance and multitasking activity to extend battery life. When it is turned on features like Mail fetch, Background App refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers are disabled.

The disabling of Mail fetch means that it won’t fetch the emails automatically for you, and you will get emails only when you open the Mail app. Similarly, apps won’t update their content automatically. Content based apps that use the Background App refresh functionality to keep themselves refreshed will be able to download new content only when you launch the app.

How to use Low Power mode?

Tap on Battery.
Then tap on the toggle next to Low Power Mode to enable it.
If your battery color is Yellow then you will know that you are now in Low Power Mode.

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Apple gave a new life to multi-tasking in iPads in the iOS 9. Siri got a complete new GUI and a beautiful interface just like it has on Apple Watch. I love siri now. 😉 Then Apple is adding NEWS app in the iOS 9 beta’s. It will be like filpboard app which is give you everything in one page. The best thing i liked in iOS 9 is the spotlight search, it’s just totally mind-blowing. Once you update to iOS 9 you will feel the spotlight’s true beauty and Siri’s actual usage. Over all i will say that, IOS 9 is optimized for all devices and it gives you the best mobile experience. Go ahead and update now to iOS 9 beta.

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