Inside iOS 9: Apple’s Notes app, News App, Swipe Selection, Low Power mode is greatly enhanced

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Apple added so mind blowing features to its new up coming worlds best OS system – iOS 9 it features and improvements such as enhanced multitasking for the iPad, Proactive Assistant, transit directions in Maps, Low Power mode and lots more.

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In addition to the major new features, the Photos app gets some cool new features, which should improve the user experience. Here’s a look at the hidden features in the Photos app:

#1. Swipe to Select
In iOS 8, you have to tap on the image one by one to select multiple photos. It can be a pain if you want to select lots of photos.

You can now tap and swipe your finger over a photo to select them. You can slide your finger vertically or diagonally to select a row of photos. This feature was available in iOS, but for some strange reason Apple removed it in iOS 4. You can watch the video below to get a better idea how it works.

#2. Scrubber
The Photos app gets a scrubber which can be accessed at the bottom between the photo and the toolbar. It allows you to quickly flip through the photos in your camera roll.

#3. Swipe down to go back
You can now swipe down on a photo to go back to the Camera roll. It is more convenient than tapping on the “<” back button. Check the video below to get a better idea how it works. Thanks Lliya for the tip!

#4. Email more than 5 photos
As we reported a few days back, you can finally email more than 5 photos. In iOS 8, if you selected more than 5 photos, the Mail option isn’t available in the share sheet. You may check our article for more details.

#5. Mail Drop support
iOS 9 brings Mail Drop support to iPhone and iPad. It was introduced last year with OS X Yosemite. Mail Drop allows you to send large attachments up to 5GB in size via iCloud. You may check our article to find out how it works.

#6. Notes App, Wallet App, News App :
Apple added these news apps and redesigned them to give you the best mobile experience. So register your iPhone iPad iPod now to Apple Developer Account to update to iOS 9 beta now.

iOS 9 is 30% more battery efficient than the iOS 8 – The low power mode gives you extra juice on the run. Saves your battery without making your phone lose any of the important features. Multi-tasking got a new look and spotlight has now changed everything in IOS 9. You will love Siri & Spotlight the most in iOS 9 just like i love Notes App now. Best thing ever done by Apple.

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