Apple reportedly been working on dual lens camera technology for the last three years

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It’s been years that iPhone has proven best in the market in the Smartphones. Apple always focuses on giving the best quality products to you. A report from Taiwanese website Business Weekly claims that Apple has been studying the dual lens camera technology for last the three years or more.

This information was revealed by Altek’s CEO Xiaru Wen. This is the same company has been responsible for HTC and Huawei using a dual lens camera setup on their devices in the past. The CEO also revealed that Apple has been unable to use the dual lens technology on its iPhone due to poor yield issues with its supply chain.

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Apparently, Apple has been facing issues with blurred images due to using two different lenses. To solve this problem, the company even went ahead and acquired LinX Imaging in April this year for nearly $20 million.

Despite all these issues, the report claims that Apple does plan on switching to a dual lens camera technology on the iPhone in the near future — though not in 2015. Additionally, Largan — the company rumored to be manufacturing the camera lens for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus — is working on doubling its capacity, which further hints at Apple going with a dual lens camera setup for future iPhones.

This is not the first time that we have heard about Apple planning on using a dual lens camera setup on the iPhone. With the limits of what a single camera lens can do on a smartphone being reached, it makes sense for Apple to look for other methods to further improve the camera performance on the iPhone.

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