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iOS 9 is the next major version Apple’s Mobile operating system. Apple is giving it’s best in the iOS 9. They are going to focus mainly in optimization of all devices. As rumors going on that – older devices will work perfectly in iOS 9. It will be really amazing if Apple makes it optimized for all the device. This is what all user wants first of all. Because from past we have experienced that, After releasing a new iPhone, New iPad, they focus of improving iOS for the new devices only. So rest old devices feels the lag in the iOS and it’s problematic.

iOS 9 new features: 
We don’t have many concrete details on iOS 9 yet, As we said the update will focus more on optimization and stability improvements rather than major design changes and new features. We’re still expecting some changes, however. Siri improvements, a new San Francisco font, a HomeKit “Home” app, iPad split-screen multitasking, transit directions, an augmented reality Maps feature, and an overhauled search/personal assistant system may be added in iOS 9.

Rootless’ security system will make iOS 9 impossible to jailbreak:
Hard to see this one as good news: for those of us who don’t jailbreak, it’ll make no difference, and it’ll be a nightmare for jailbreakers who want to update to the newest version of iOS.

It’s believed that iOS 9 will be unprecedentedly difficult to jailbreak thanks to a new security system that Apple is working on called ‘Rootless’.

Music streaming service:
We think that Apple’s long- rumored, Beats-branded, Spotify-killing music-streaming service might actually turn up before the full public launch of iOS 9 – many Apple fans expect it in the iOS 8.4 update. But that timing would still fit with a major announcement at WWDC.

HomeKit hub, possibly called ‘Home’:
HomeKit is Apple’s take on the Internet of Things concept: a platform that will allow you to control home appliances and other non-traditional connected devices from your iPhone or Mac. Apple has announced the platform, but we are still waiting for the official launch. This is expected to happen later this year, with HomeKit-compatible devices arriving as early as June 2015.

There are more features, stay tuned we will reveal more information as we get them.

Get ready for iOS 9 beta:

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