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Siri will get a new look in iOS 9

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Being up to date with recent news of Apple & Up until now, the only thing we have heard about iOS 9 is that Apple is going to focus on speed, stability and bug fixes with it.  However, if sources of 9to5Mac is to be believed, Apple is going to give Siri a fresh coat of paint in iOS 9. Apple is going to give SIRI a brand new fresh look in iOS 9.

The interface of Siri on iOS 9 is going to be similar to how the personal assistant looks on the Apple Watch — colorful and inviting. It is likely that Apple will also enhance the features of Siri in the upcoming version of iOS to keep up with the competition.

Right now, Siri can only be used to ask questions, set reminders and send text messages. However, its chief competitors — Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana — are smarter than it and show show relevant information depending on the time and location of the user. Personally i think Cortana doesn’t even exist a single chance against siri.

Apple released iOS 8.4 beta’s last week, iOS 8.4 beta has completely redesigned the music app and took it to a new new level. It’s just amazing. If you haven’t updated to iOS 8.4 beta versions yet then go ahead and register your iPhone iPad iPod UDID to Apple Developer program here and update to iOS 8.4 or any iOS 8.x.x upcoming iOS beta versions. It’s cool.

With iOS 8, Apple had given Siri some handy new features like live dictation, support for additional languages along with “Hey Siri”. You can also use the Unthered Siri jailbreak cydia tweak to use siri handsfree 24/7.

iOS 9 will also come with a new colorful wallpaper, though that is a given with every new major iOS release.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

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