iOS Bug/Prank: How Reboot your friends iPhone by sending a message

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I really can’t believe that this can happen to iOS devices. Now you can reboot your / your friends or any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch by sending a Message. This is fun as well to do. We yet didn’t find any side effect of this but its annoying but as i said it’s fun. You can prank your friends iPhone by doing this. hahaha

So here its how you gonna do it. The only requirement is that – the receiver should not be on the conversation that time / he/she should not be using the message app that moment, else it wont work.

How to reboot iPhone by sending a Message:
This message is like a unicode of iOS system which cause the device to take a reboot. After the reboot the iPhone works absolutely fine. So lets get started –

Step 1: Open the Message app in your iPhone.

Step 2: Copy this Message from here bellow and send it to any of your friends / or even if yourself to test it.

لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

Step 3: As soon as the person will receive the Message which you sent, the his iPhone will be rebooting.

See our video of this bug and how it works actually –

hahaha isn’t it fun ? Write in the comment bellow your experience after doing this.

Apple is working on this issue. They said they are always aware of this and they will fix it on the iOS 8.4.

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