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Apple Watch rated top best smartwatch by Consumer Reports as it passes all tests

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It’s been like couple of weeks of the release of the Apple Watch, after checking the all reviews on the net i was unhappy to hear that Apple Watch stainless steel has got a lot of scratches on the side as it’s a steel that we had on the iPod’s back. So i kept the thought out of my mind to buy an Apple Watch. Then as you guys know the problem that we are Apple freaks and we can’t stop loving Apple -_-

So then i switched my mind on buying an Apple Watch sport Addition. I guess sport addition would be the best. And there are many third party stuffs are coming which will allow you to use any custom belts. So that mean you can also use a stainless steel belt with the Apple Watch Sport addition. In this article i was say what the basic difference between all Apple watch model and Consumer Reports on Apple Watch – why it’s the best , it will help you to determine wither you should go for Apple watch or not and which model to choose after knowing all the depth details of all watch models.

What is the difference between Apple watch Sport & Apple Watch & Apple Watch Gold edition:

The main thing you should know that, Apple is taking the Apple watch into whole new era of Personal devices. So there is NO DIFFERENCE in software & internal features in between the Apple watch, Sport And watch watch edition. it’s all same in the software section. The difference is external. There is difference is price and quality and in the looks. So doesn’t matter if you buy Apple Sport or Apple Watch or Watch edition, inside both have got the same thing. So if you thinking that you are paying extra dollar in Apple watch edition and you will get more function on it, then you are wrong. it’s the same as Apple Sport watch but the watch editions are made of Gold and the difference is in the Glass. Thats it.
Apple watch is the best Smart Watch according to Consumer Reports:
I am adding a video below here that will clear you and give you in depth hard comparison between Apple watch, Pebble watch, Moto360, Sony Smart watch and Galaxy gear –
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Details Comparison video of Consumer Reports:

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