Apple stopped singing the iOS 8.2 so you can’t downgrade anymore

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There’s always a limited period after an iOS software release whereby the previous ios version can be downloaded and installed with little incident. After this short grace period, however, the older software is completely frozen out, and with iOS 8.3 being the most recent public build for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, the preceding iOS 8.2 has officially been cut off. Means that, you can no longer downgrade to any iOS version less than <= 8.3 ! but you can update to latest iOS beta version, if you haven’t register your iPhone iPad iPad udid for updating to iOS beta version in Apple Developer Program yet, then hurry up and register now to Apple Developer Program and update to latest iOS beta versions. iOS 8.4 is much far far better that the iOS 8.3, it has got a completely new designed music app. and it’s cool.

Its like always we are sad to see the signing of an older firmware cease, since, for example, said version may be jailbreakable. However, not only is iOS 8.2 not susceptible to any exploit – if you discount the first two betas that can be jailbroken via TaiG – but it’s perhaps the buggiest release under iOS 8, aside from the marked disaster that was iOS 8.0.1. Thus, even if you are partial to a Cydia tweak or ten, it shouldn’t negate the fact that iOS 8.2 is going to cause you plenty of problems, and so while iOS 8.2 is no longer being signed by Apple, you ought not shed a tear.

By the way, Do you guys know that Apple released the iOS 8.4 beta 2 few days back to developers but if you want now then you can also use any latest iOS beta version on your iOS device. But you need to register your iPhone iPad iPod udid to Apple Developer Account for that, you can register your device udid to Apple Developer Account here and then go ahead and install the latest iOS beta versions, On iOS 8.4 beta Apple has completely redesigned their music app and gave so many features like new emoji’s and other stuffs. Go ahead and register your iPhone iPad iPod udid now to Apple Developer Program and install the latest iOS beta’s.

Jailbreak guru i0n1c, as you may or may not have already caught, has demonstrated a legitimate iOS 8.4 jailbreak, and while it’s unlikely that the German hacker will release this gold to the public, it may be enough to encourage other would-be jailbreakers that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. After several jailbreaks through TaiG, Pangu and PP, the scene has hit something of a plateau, but with i0n1c’s efforts and the progress surrounding TinyUmbrella, here’s hoping that there’s more to come from the jailbreak community this side of iOS 9.

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