Best Cydia tweaks of the Month of March 2015 for iPhone iPad

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We all know that, iPhone is not a cool iPhone without Cydia tweak. Tweak unleashes the true power and capebilities of iOS device. Here we will update your with the latest updated Cydia Tweaks of March 2015. Check em’ all and Apple has released their iOS 8.3 beta 4 few days back, which is currently the latest iOS and the most powerful iOS ever Apple built with much more power efficiency. You can register your iPhone iPad iPod udid to Apple Developer Program here and install the latest iOS beta versions on your devices. Check it –

Best Cydia tweaks til March 2015:

WhatsApp Call Enabler

Allows VOIP support in the WhatApp beta app. Checkout out our video tutorial on our youtube channel about the new WhatsApp calling feature.


This brings enhanced quick reply and quick compose to iOS 8. Now that biteSMS is no more, Couria is hoping to fill the large void.


Supercharges the stock Music app with queuing and file sharing.

Atom for iPad

With atom for iPad, you can launch apps directly from the Lock screen with one hand.

Heads Up Display Mode

An innovative tweak that allows you to display the iPhone’s screen on a reflective surface like your car’s windshield.

LockInfo 8

This venerable jailbreak tweak is back with collapsible widgets, consolidated notifications, status bar icons, and tons more. I really loved this tweak but later i removed it :/


This brings Vine and Instagram like recording to the stock Camera app. You can pause while recording video to create awesome jump cuts with little to no effort.

Auxo Legacy Edition

It’s no surprise that Auxo LE appears on the list as high as it is. It’s been highly anticipated, features a timeless design, and brings the original Auxo look to iOS 8 with brand new features.


From a technical perspective, Multify is hands-down the most impressive tweak on the entire list. It brings true multitasking to iOS 8, and it does so in stunning fashion.


By far the most practical jailbreak tweak that I’ve tried in quite some time. The fact that it topped tweaks like Multify and Auxo LE in this month’s list speaks volumes. If you’ve ever struggled to use your iPhone with one hand, then this can help. It’s far and away better than Reachability, because it allows you to interact with the entire iOS UI with a single hand. For this reason, it is our top jailbreak tweak for March 2015.

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