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Jailbreak Apple Watch ?

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Apple has released their new product line – Apple Watch. It’s the first time that Apple has invented an watch. We’ll it;s not just a watch, it’s everything that you need. Why do you even need a watch as iPhone can do everything your apple watch will do. Ever asked yourself why ?

We all want an Apple watch, actually there is no exact answers for us why we need to buy the Apple Watch, cz we want it. The things we can do with Apple watch is just started… Apple has already created so many TVC’s on the Apple Watch. Be sure to check them out.

So now lets rise this issue, Will Apple watch also need Cydia ? Does it need to be jailbroken ? Do you want Cydia in Apple Watch, yeah many users will want cydia. As we all know that Apple always tries to keep us locked into something some jailbreak unleashes the power of customization. So i guess it will be needed to jailbreak Apple Watch. There more two main issues exactly –

First of all, Apple Watch jailbreak gives you the ability to install apps from alternative app store Cydia. We believe that in Cydia will be placed those programs that do not fall into the App Store due to strict restrictions Apple.

Second issue is, Apple Watch jailbreak allows you to engage in self-tuning your Apple Watch for your own needs. For example, you can turn off background processes to significantly extend the life of the battery of the Apple Watch. Opportunities to further customize Apple Watch.

However you haven’t yet heard from any developers that they will release a jailbreak for Apple Watch or not. As soon as we hear from them or find out any release on Apple Watch Jailbreak, we will keep you updated

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