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AlbumShot cydia tweak automatically creates albums for screenshots taken on your iPhone

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It can get frustrating when the screenshots taken with your iPhone get mixed up with all the other photos in the Camera Roll. AlbumShot is an interesting new jailbreak tweak that gets rid of the frustration.

The tweak aims to better organize the screenshots that you take with your iPhone by automatically placing them in a separate album in the Photos app rather than mixing them with all the other pictures in the Camera Roll.

But that’s not all. The tweak creates a seperate album for each app that the screenshot is taken for. For instance, if you take a screenshot of Safari, a new album called ‘Safari’ will be created which stores the screenshot whereas different albums will be created for other app screenshots. Upon installing AlbumShot, there are no settings to configure. You should be able to start using the tweak on the go. However, it would have been a good idea if the developer provided an option to disable app-specific albums and instead have all the screenshots stored within a single album.

After taking a screenshot, venture into the Photos app and you’ll find a new app-dedicated album at the bottom of the Photos app that stores the screenshot just taken. One thing that I noticed while using the tweak is that unlike all the other apps, the Home screen and Lock screen screenshots will be placed in the Camera Roll album. The tweak also keeps a copy of all the app screenshots in the Camera Roll along with placing them in their own album.

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Back to the cydia tweak, Although the tweak makes it easier to organize all the screenshots that you take on your iPhone, it can create a lot of albums if you frequently capture screenshots. It would have been a nifty tweak if it created a single album for all the screenshots rather than creating an album for each.

With that said, if you’re interested to try AlbumShot, it is available as a free package on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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