‘XAgent’ spyware steals pictures, data, and more even from non-jailbroken iPhones

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Technology is going fast and we are facing threats into our devices very constantly. App security ios is very important for every user. iOS was very secure but now a day it seems like its not secure anymore like how it was before. There could be so many major threats of webcam spy software bug, tracking cell phone location and these could leak our valuable information to 3rd party. The computer security company says it has discovered new spyware that infects iPhones, gathers large amounts of personal information and sends it to a remote server.

The spyware, called XAgent, is delivered via a phishing attack using a technique called island hopping. In that, the phones of friends and associates of the true target are first infected and then used to pass on the spyware link. It’s based on the assumption that the target is more likely to click on links from people they know than from strangers.

Once installed, XAgent will collect text messages, contact lists, pictures, geo-location data, a list of installed apps, a list of any software processes that are running and the WiFi status of the device. That information is packaged and sent to a server operated by the hackers. XAgent is also capable of switching on the phone’s microphone and recording everything it hears.

XAgent runs on both iOS 7 and iOS 8 phones, whether they’ve been jailbroken or not. It is most dangerous on iOS 7 since it hides its icon to evade detection. I would stay people to stay secured and not install any creepy things or stay away from browsing malicious content websites using the iPhone. They might ask you to install profiles, or something like that. So be alerted now. Always update to the latest iOS version. It has the maximum security update by Apple. if you want then you can also update to the latest iOS 8.2 beta 5 by adding your iPhone iPad iPod to Apple Developer Account. It will give you acess to install any latest iOS 8.x.x beta versions for a year. We will keep you updated as we get more news.

[News Source: Macworld]

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