iOS 8.4 update is on it’s way – In The Works, Key Features Revealed reportedly by Apple

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On Monday, February 9, Apple released the first beta for iOS 8.3, which offers plenty of new features. But obviously there’s more to come.

According to a report published by 9to5Mac, Apple developers are already working on iOS 8.4, and the big mainstay feature of the next-next major software release is going to be the oft-rumored new music service from the Cupertino-based company. According to unnamed sources speaking to the publication, Apple is well into testing iOS 8.4 now, and it’s codename is rumored to be Copper. The sources say that iOS 8.4 will release sometime after the Apple Watch is released.

Changing way releases are numbered is a tactic that has grown in popularity throughout the software industry, with many developers opting to release ‘.1′ or even fully-numbered updates on a frequent basis. As we’ve seen already post-iOS 8, though, Apple’s system involves adding more features more quickly, and thus far, each ‘.1′ bump has brought at least one major feature or change.

iOS 8.1 saw that Apple Pay was ready for prime time, while iOS 8.2 will play a significant role in the launch of the Apple Watch. iOS 8.3, as we’ve just learned, includes wireless CarPlay support among a slew of other features, and since it just went into beta only hours ago, is likely to peddle more niceties that we don’t yet know of. If you want then you can right now install the latest iOS beta , iOS 8.3 on your iPhone iPad iPod now by registering your iPhone iPad iPod now to the Apple Developer Account, Click here to enroll your device to Apple Developer Program and it will give you acesss to iOS beta. After the udid registration, then Click here to install the latest iOS beta version.

According to a source of 9to5Mac, iOS 8.4 is also in the works. Codenamed “Copper,” it will apparently make its way to market after Apple Watch hits retail stage, and with Tim Cook having indicated that the wearable was all set for shipping in April, iOS 8.4 remains quite a way off.

iOS 8.4’s release will no doubt hinge quite heavily upon Apple Watch’s roll-out, in that should the smartwatch enjoy a smooth introduction with few teething issues, we could well see the update long before WWDC, which usually falls in June. But given that Apple Watch presents a whole new product category, it’s reasonable to suggest that we may not see iOS 8.4 before June, when WWDC usually falls, and if anything, the annual developer gathering could be used as the venue for iOS 8.4’s release.

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