Microsoft Unveils HoloLens: A Wearable Holographic Headset – it’s just mindblowing

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I am really so amazed to checkout the Microsoft’s new innovative product “Hololens“, i am going to saying that – it’s trule mind blowing. C’mon Apple beat microsoft with more coolers stuffs than this. I am deeply waiting as i am a diehard Apple fan. Now i am going to talk about this brand new innovation product of Microsoft. Google Glass was a big flop but this Microsoft Hololen its not going to be flop as i can close my eyes and tell you that. Microsoft is pressing ahead with its very own delving, and at today’s keynote, has thrown its hat into the ring with the announcement of the HoloLens. Full details of this intriguing new holographic product can be seen after the fold. The holographs feels so real.

HoloLens will get huge sales once its released. Have a look at the Glass. It’s fantastic.

So, Do you think it’s amazing ? Well, from the software aspect, it’s based upon Windows Holographic, the next generation pc. It all sounds cool. In a vaguely similar manner to comparable products, it brings the surrounding world to life with holograms, and whilst the likes of Glass are very much dependent on externals like the smartphone, HoloLens is a gadget in and of itself. You can play games just in your room. Microsoft is removing the doors between you and the technology. Before it was scientific friction, now we are getting this into reality.

It contains all of the bits and pieces you’d expect to see in a smartphone or tablet, including its own CPU and graphics, while also including its very own holographic processor, and if you’re among the growing army of folks nonplussed bout Glass, we’d still hazard that HoloLens has more than piqued your interest.

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When worn, everything you see is processed through a visor within the line of sight, which is, of course, see-through, and with a specialized sound infrastructure that lets you essentially hear holograms behind you, it would seem that Microsoft has left nothing to chance.

Checkout the full video demonstration:

Microsoft did a great job, i must say this. Hats off to Microsoft. Now the Question is what Apple will bring to beat this blazingly hot product. Apple already releasing Apple Watch on this March, we are already aware of Apple getting copy-rights of the holographic stuffs, we publish this news on Novmeber 2014. Now it’s 2015.. let wait for Apple’s Move. Apple working on their iOS softwares – they released iOS 8.2 beta 4, than can be install on your iPhone,ipad,iPod now by registering your device udid to Apple Developer Account, you can register your iPhone,ipad,iPod udid’s from this site – and install the latest iOS beta’s legitimately on your device right now.

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