Is it safe to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch ?

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Apple devices are quite very expensive. No one wants to mess up or screw their Apple Devices. People doesn’t know mostly about the jailbreak fully – like why its done ? Is it safe or not ? Why people do it ? Can it screw up your iPhone ? Well on this article i am going to answer All these questions. Plus i am going to expain how much its worth to jailbreak your Apple iPhone,iPad,iPod touch. Does the benefits outweigh the risks jailbreaking your iOS devices or is it the other way around?

Apple has long ruled over the iTunes App Store since the day 1 they lunched App store. If an app developer creates an app that doesn’t play by Apple’s rules then it won’t be allowed in the app store, no matter how innovative and useful the app may be. So we can say that Apple keeps you locked, they makes you play by their rules only. Apple doesn’t let you install any 3rd party apps (unsigned Apps by apple / cracked apps etc). Jailbreak frees you from the jail, it gives you access to your iPhone just like the way it should meant to be. Your iPhone, use it on your way ! Not by Apples way only. This is what jailbreak does. It install Cydia on your device which is app / a hub of iPhone developers team were they releases apps and cydia tweaks which makes the iPhone more 10x cooler and its just lets you customize the device just like the way you want it to be.
Apple likely frowns on the practice of jailbreaking for obvious business-related reasons as people can install Cracked apps for free – which is threat to App store, however, the practice of jailbreaking appears to have gotten some legal support from the United States Copyright Office. Accorning Apple – You void your warrantly if you jailbreak your device. So the big question remains, is jailbreaking worth it? Here are some things you may want to consider before you decide to jailbreak your iPhone.

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Is it safe to jailbreak your iPhone ?

If you ask me this question, based on my personal experices with jailbreak and other things, i will say that – YES its absolutely SAFE to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Jailbreak never harms your device. Only if you install creepy-weeky crap uncessasry cydia tweaks then yes you might screw up your iPhone. but it never kills your device, even if you screw up your device by installing cydia tweaks or whatever you install from jailbreak and you mess up, you can always fix it. All you need to do is – RESTORE your iPhone to the latest iOS firmware. And it will be normal again. Its the most important beauty of iPhone. The coolest thing is – A full restore will always fix your iPhone. Jailbreak never damages any hardware. Its safe and its daimn worth it. People are dying to jailbreak their devices. 

Issues and worthness of iOS jailbreak:

1. Jailbroken iPhones tend to have stability issues

Since jailbroken app developers don’t have to follow memory and CPU usage guidelines set by Apple, the end result might be reduced battery life, slower performance relative to non-jailbroken iPhones and possible random reboots. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of performance management apps available for jailbroken iPhones, but you may have to play with tweaking settings for awhile if you run into performance-related issues. Then again, many of us geeks love settings tweaking so it’s not necessarily a negative.

2. Your warranty is void if you send in your jailbroken iPhone for service:

Apple does not provide support for jailbroken iPhones so your warranty would effectively be thrown out the window if Apple finds out that you jailbroke your phone. So skip and fix this issue, just restore your iPhone to the latest version and Apple will never findout that, if you device was ever jailbroken or not. 😉

3. Today’s cool jailbroken-only features are likely to be added to future iOS versions:

Many new features that are incorporated into the latest and greatest iOS version started out as jailbroken apps. The jailbreaking community has had wireless sync capability for a long time but it was only recently added to iOS 5. If you are willing to wait, your favorite jailbroken-only iPhone feature will likely make its way to a new version of iOS sooner or later. If there is a must have feature that you don’t think will ever make it into a new version of the iPhone’s iOS, then jailbreaking may be the only way to get it. Apple takes cydia tweaks ideas and uses them in their next iOS. We can’t deny the role of cydia tweaks in the next big iOS. Apple gets idea from this, what consumers actually wants.

4. If the jailbreak doesn’t go well, you could “brick” your iPhone:

Bricking means – you have screwed up your iPhone, its stuck at Apple logo / black screen etc. While irreversible bricking of an iPhone is fairly rare, it has been known to occur and it is always a risk when you are attempting a jailbreak, especially if the jailbreaking software is in “beta” form and has not been through a lot of testing. Even if you brick it, just restore your iphone to latest iOS version and it will be all fine.

5. Your jailbroken iPhone may get “locked out” of the App Store or other content services:

Nope. This will never happen. Based on the history – nothing happened anything like this yet so far. Apple did effectively prevent many jailbroken iOS users from using the iBook store, but the ban was soon circumvented by jailbreak developers. There was a recent story that stated that Time Warner is now preventing jailbroken iOS devices from being able to use its iPad accessible TV viewing app. Other content providers may follow suit, making jailbreaking less appealing to people who consume a lot of media on their iPhone

6. Why people jailbreak their iPhone / iPad / iPod ?

People are dying to jailbreak their iOS device. All true iOS users loves jailbreak. As it makes the device free from the ground locked game rules of Apple. Jailbreak lets you customize your iPhone the way you want. Mostly its the main reason why people jailbreak their device. It lets your customize, gives your themes, ringtone, tweaks, and all other features that Apple didn’t give you / doesn’t allow you by defult on the iPhone. Jailbreak is safe, and totally worth it.
In end i will say that, feel safe to jailbreak your device. Just have some caution – don’t install cydia tweaks randomly without knowing what it does. Thats all. Follow our jailbreak instuctions(iOS 6 / iOS 7 / iOS 8) to jailbreak your device.
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