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Apple iOS 9 Concept has got amazing features

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We are using iOS 8 been a while yet it has changed iOS for the better, few features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite was outstanding. Widgets in the notification center, third party keyboards and photo editors. Yet, it’s not enough – because we want more as each day does by. Apple is still a very far way away from true customization in iOS. With a jailbreak we are able to customize many aspect of our device which is usually not allowed. Now Ralph Theodory, a tech enthusiast has brought his creative thoughts to life in the video below showcasing iOS 9. iOS 9 is less than a year away, yet it’s exciting to see what could be in store for us.

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It’s very likely that Apple could head into deeper customization with iOS 9 as we know Apple Inc is the most innovative company in this world. Colors, icons and added functionality could all be changed in the upcoming iOS 9 update. While the iOS 9 concept shares a lot with iOS 8, it introduces many features never before seen in Apple’s firmware.

IOS 9 Concept Features:

There are some concet features  of the iOS 9. You can have a look at those…

Search In Settings

This feature should allow users to search for any sort of setting in the Settings app for super quick access. Very handy for new iOS users.

History In Settings

Every action and every change you made will be logged and recorded. Users will be able to undo any of those logged changes to help them revert back to the earlier settings. Useful for when a user forgets about the changes made, or in case, if changes were made by mistake.

Color Look

Theodory wants Apple to add some colors to the new iOS, well at least as far as buttons, various UI elements and Control Center are concerned, and who doesn’t like an occasional change of colors, right?

Night Mode

The all-white menu background changes to black upon pressing the Home button thrice in quick succession. This should help keep the display easy on the eyes in low light, without needing to dim down anything.

Settings Everywhere

In the app switcher, users can access settings for any app by simply swiping down on it and revealing the settings option.

Close All Running Apps

A much needed feature; one button to rule them all to close all those apps running in the background.

Siri Spell

Considering how Siri is unable to recognize some words, Siri will prompt the user to spell it out for future reference, as it learns from it.

SpringBoard Display Types – Round SpringBoard

Users will be able to switch between three types of SpringBoards: Normal, Zoomed, and the rounded Apple Watch-like home screen.

Language Auto Playlists

Not sure how Apple will do this, but Theodory wants his iPhone’s Music app to automatically recognize the track’s language and categorically place it under a set playlist.

New Music Features

A swipe up from the bottom of the Now Playing screen will allow users access to settings like ‘Set as Ringtone’, ‘Equalizer’ and more, without needing to go through a menu or anything.

Smart Sleep Mode

Siri checking in after every 5 songs and no user activity to see if I’m asleep is a neat feature indeed. Users can either press a button on the iPhone or answer via the hands-free microphone. Music playback will be stopped if Siri doesn’t hear back from you in ten seconds.

Smart Shuffle

An automatic playlist will be created from the best of songs found on the Internet, and will be based according to your environment such as the time, weather, your movement and occasions.

New Video Feed

Your native Video app will now list all feeds from various video streaming apps installed on your iOS device.

Lock Ccreen Clock

The lock screen is now customizable with widgets downloaded from the App Store, and custom watch faces as well.


Theodory is looking at Tips evolving into Learn – an app that will teach you everything there is to finding your way around your iPhone and iOS. Pretty useful for new users.


This app will house all your troubleshooting guides for your device and even allow you get a Genius Remote Appointment.

Button Control

Button behavior can be customized, with the addition of setting virtual ones on the screen.

Bug Report

Beta versions of iOS will now come with a bug reporter included within the Support app.


A nifty little tool, designed to verify and check if an attached accessory is working correctly with your device or not.


Users will be able to perform diagnostic tests for all hardware components and sensors bundled in your iOS device.

Genius Bar

It would be a fine day when Apple can remotely detect all your iPhone or iPad troubles through remote diagnostic tests. This feature will allow for just that facility.

Checkout this video of all the features of iOS 9:

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