The latest iOS 8.2 beta 3 is released by Apple – install it now

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Apple has released the third iOS 8.2 beta to developers this morning. The release comes a week after the second iOS 8.2 beta, and follows last week’s public launch of iOS 8.1.2, which brought about a fix for disappearing ringtones.

Apple is improving their iOS version to give users more advanced way of using their iPhone iPad iPods. As we have went through all the iOS version so far, i can clearly say that the iOS 8.2 beta 3 is the best one from the iOS 8. It has improved many bugs and issues. Finally wifi issues are now fixed in the iOS 8.2 beta. It’s 3x faster than the previous iOS 8.1.2. Plus there is battery improvements.

if you want then you can install the iOS 8.2 beta 3 right now on your device. You need to register your iPhone iPad iPod udid to Apple Developer Account. Then download the iOS file from our website and install it. We are offering udid registration to Apple Developer Account only for $15 usd, which is save your a lot of money because an Developer Account costs $99 /yr. So you can register your iPhone iPad iPod udid by using our UDID Registration service to Apple developer Program and get registered to Apple Developer Program. It will give you access to get legitimately activated in the iOS 8.x.x all beta versions. So register now and stay more updated with the latest releases of iOS 8.x.x beta versions. Its safe and cool.

The new 8.2 beta can be downloaded either over-the-air, or via Apple’s developer portal or you will get to download that from iAppleStuffs websites download section.  It’s yet unknown that what new features the firmware will bring in the final release, but it will enable support for Apple’s WatchKit.

It’s also unclear when iOS 8.2 will be rolled out to the public. It’s rumored that we’ll see 8.1.3 released at some point with bug fixes, and much of Apple’s dev center is about to shutdown for the holidays, so it’s likely still months away.

if you are stuck in activation error after install the iOS 8.2 beta then the problem is that – you have not registered your device udid to Apple developer Program. So in order to the fix the activation error you need to register your device udid to Apple Developer program then it will be activated in few seconds in the iOS 8.2 beta. Just connect your device to iTunes and done.

iOS 8.2 fixes these issue:

In iOS Simulator, the Emoji button should now be visible, regardless of the selected input mode.
The WKInterfaceController method openParentApplication:reply: now launches the containing app in the background when the iPhone (or iOS Simulator) is unlocked or locked.
The WKInterfaceController method presentTextInputControllerWithSuggestions:completion: is now fully supported in iOS Simulator.

Hope it helps all.

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