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How To Use Unofficial Lightning Cables, Accessories With iOS 8 Devices

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This is what even i was looking for so eagerly. I just hate the error message when it says this iPhone can’t be charge with the assessories. It pisses me off really. If you’ve ever owned an iOS device, there is a chance that you have come across that gut-wrenching feeling when prompted with the ‘this cable or accessory is not certified’ error. The error is only thrown at our faces when we try to charge / sync our iOS device using a cable that hasn’t been certified by Apple. But there’s a way around it, and you can use that very same cable without any hitch on your iPhone 6 / 6 Plus on iOS 8.1.1, here’s how.

The way around that dreadful message is by using a free jailbreak tweak called Support Unsupported Accessories 8, which is available to download immediately for all users running iOS 8.1.1.

The error message typically reads, “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”. You would think dismissing it gives you back control of your choices, but no, the device will simply refuse to work with that particular accessory or cable.

While such tweaks have been around for a while now – Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler package being a prime example – to allow support of uncertified cables and accessories on your iOS device, Support Unsupported Accessories 8 deals particularly with iOS 8 and above. The tweak has been tested by the developer on an iPhone 6 Plus, running iOS 8.1.1.

To download this tweak, head over to Cydia, tap on Sources and search for ‘Support Unsupported Accessories 8′ in the BigBoss repo. The tweak is completely free to install, as we mentioned before, and should support all devices running iOS 8 and above.

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Though Apple charges a premium price point when it comes to basic accessories, but be warned, we don’t recommend that you try and use uncertified ones with your device as it may cause permanent damage to the way how your iPhone or iPad functions.

But if you’re looking to save a buck or two, then this tweak is your best bet.

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