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iCloud website adds Photos uploading feature

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In early of this month, it was revealed via the iCloud.com beta site that the Photos app therein was working on an uploading feature. Now, that feature is apparently live.

According to a report published initially by iFun.de [translated], the consumer iCloud.com page has officially launched the ability for iCloud users to upload photos via the website, rather than depending on their mobile device. And, as of this writing, it has been independently confirmed, as made evident by the image above.

Before the upload feature went live, the Photos app — which is still in beta — only allowed iCloud customers the ability to view their photos online, download them or delete them. With the new uploading tool, users can save JPGs to the cloud. However, the feature does not not support other photo or video formats, including .PNG, .AVI, .MOV and others. Once an image has been uploaded via the new tool, it will become instantly viewable on other iCloud devices.

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