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How to reliably check Apple’s firmware signing window, find-out if you can still downgrade or not

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Most of the user ios users wants to downgrade to their previous ios version very frequently. As older devices gets really slow in the new ios versions. To key to downgrade to lower firmware is to Apple signning widows. If Apple is signing that ipsw window for example – 8.1 then you can downgrade to ios 8.1 from any ios version you are now. If apple is not signing the ios 8.1 then you can’t downgrade back to ios 8.1 at any cost until/unless there are tricks found out or yo have shsh bloobs.

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So lets get back to the point now, How to findout if Apple is singing the ipsw where you want to downgrade ? This thing is made very easy with a website.

Step 1: Go to this website – (Click here)
Step 2: You will see a window like this image below:

Step 3: Select your device and click on the select ios version
Step 4: From the drop down ipsw menu, you can see that, some are in GREEN BAR and others are in RED BAR. The green bar’s ipsw is still signed by Apple. Means you can downgrade to those firmwares. and the red bar’s are not singed by Apple anymore. you can’t downgrade to those ipsw.

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