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How to iMessage from windows & android phone

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There are some features that sound absolutely awesome but you just know that they will never see the light of day on iOS. Android can be argued as having some of the cooler, more geek-friendly features when compared to iOS, and if there’s a little bit of the tinkerer inside you then that probably grates your gears.

So if we told you that a jailbreak tweak existed that made it possible to send and receive iMessages remotely, using nothing more than a Web browser, we’d probably have your interest right?

Yes guys. its Right. So this is how you are gonna send iMessage from your Desktop / Android phones. Read this bellow:

How to send iMessages from windows / Android:

Step 1: Open Cydia
Step 2: Download ” Remote Messages ”
Step 3: Reboot your device.
Step 4: Open settings and configure it.

btw it supports ios 8 and even supports all 64-bit devices alongside every other piece of hardware that can run iOS 8, so the chances are you’ll be able to use Remote Messages just fine.When you’ve installed it, Remote Messages hooks into your iMessages, Contacts and other message-related goodness including your Camera Roll in order to make it possible to send and receive messages from any Web browser that can talk to your iOS hardware. That means it needs to be on the same network, basically. Yes you could mess around setting up port forwarding and the like – effectively giving you access to your iMessages from any Web browser on the planet – but let’s not start to get carried away.

Security-wise, you can control which port you connect to when using Remote Messages, and you can set a username and password too. It goes without saying that you’ll want to do that as soon as possible, and make that password nice and long whilst you’re at it.

We admit that not everyone will have a use for something like Remote Messages, but there’s little doubt that it is the kind of tweak that shows why jailbreaking can be so cool. Apple would never make this possible, so if you’re jailbroken, just pay the $4 fee and grab it from the BigBoss repo. And remember – strong passwords! You can get remote messages free in my other ways. Checkout our youtube channel for getting any cydia tweaks for free.

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