How to enable iPhone’s hidden detailed battery usage stats and graphs in iOS 8

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Battery is drawing fast ? Now see the full details behind the reason of battery usage completely. Apple added a per-app battery usage break down in iOS 8, to help users identify which apps or services are consuming the most battery life. But the company tracks a lot more than it shows by default in the Battery usage screen.

How to install DetailedBatteryUsage in your jailbroken iPhone iPod iPad

Step 1: Open Cydia
Step 2: Search for ” DetailedBatteryUsage ”
Step 3: Install it and respring your device.
Step 4: Now go to Settings > General > battary usage

A new tweak called DetailedBatteryUsage by well known developer Hamza Sood enables the hidden battery stats on the iPhone and iPad, showing a graph of battery level against time, and stats like SOC Energy, CPU Energy etc.

The detailed stats are available by going to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. After installing the tweak, you’ll see a graph and the top, and tapping on any application in the list will show you detailed battery stats. There are also other stats like Total Drain, Active Usage and Background Usage. You’ll also see battery usage of system daemons, which are hidden by default.
While many of these detailed stats won’t be useful to everyone, I can see the utility of having a graph of the battery level against time. You may also checkout these article to get the top 30 cydia tweaks of 2014.

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