Apple released ios 8.2 beta. How to update to ios 8.2 beta now in iPhone iPad iPod

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Alongside its release of WatchKit, Apple has posted the first beta of iOS 8.2 to developers. The update brings about support for the new Apple Watch developer tools, and can be downloaded either over the air, or directly from the dev center, by any registered iOS developer.

Apple’s released ios 8.2 beta is much better than the current latest ios 8.1.1 which was released 3 days back. Apple has improved and fixed all the buggs and security flaws on ios 8.1.1 in their new ios 8.2 beta. It’s 3x faster than current ios 8.1.1. Plus the battery is now improved. Users more more satisfied with the ios 8.2 beta rather than the ios 8.1.1.

if you want then you can update to ios 8.2 now the you need to register your device- iPhone iPad iPod ‘sudid  to Apple Developer Program. We offer iPhone iPad iPod udid registration service also. Click here to register your iPhone iPad iPod to Apple Developer Account.

Once you have register your device to Apple Developer Account then you are ready to update to ios 8.2 beta on your device. By registering udid to Apple  developer account your device is becoming a part of Apple developer program. It will allow your device to get activated in ios 8.2 beta version. if your update your device to ios 8.2 beta without udid registration to apple developer program then your device will be stuck at activation err. So don’t update without registering your iPhone/iPad/iPod udid to apple developer account.

Interestingly enough, the beta release comes just one day after Apple pushed out iOS 8.1.1 to the masses, which had only been in testing itself for a few weeks. That’s quite the turnaround time when you consider that Apple sometimes waits several months between iOS releases.

Released notes for ios 8.2 beta by Apple:

iOS 8.2 lets you give Apple Watch users access to data and functionality related to your iOS app. The primary interface you can create is a Watch app, which gives users quick, focused ways to access their content without opening your iOS app on their iPhone.

How to update to ios 8.2 beta now:

Please follow the written guidelines here in order to update to ios 8.2 beta right now in your ios 8 compatible iPhone iPad iPod touch.

Step 1: Register your iPhone iPad iPod UDID to Apple Developer Account.
Step 2: Download ios 8.2 beta ipsw
Step 3: Open itunes & connect your device.
Step 4: Hold Shift/Option key in keyboard  and click RESTORE in itunes and select the ios 8.2 beta ipsw.
Step 5: Now let itunes finish the update for you.
Step 6: Now you will be in ios 8.2 beta 🙂

If we get stuck at activation error, then it will tell you be a part to Apple Developer Program. Which means that, you have updated to a beta version without Registering your udidd to Apple developer account. So to fix this problem, you have to register your device to Apple developer program. Then it will be activated in ios beta.
ios 8.2 beta is really amazing. personally i am loving it. its very improved and amazing. Faster than the previous ios.

Yoo can also checkout our Youtube video tutorial for updating to ios beta versions bellow:

We got info that, the Apple Watch is expected to launch in spring of 2015, with a starting price of $349.

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