Apple launches web tool to deregister phone number to fix iMessage bug [iMessage problems fix]

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Apple has finally provided a fix for the iMessage issue that was affecting users who switched from an iPhone to other mobile platforms.

Users who switched from an iPhone to an Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, did do not get text messages from their friends using an iPhone, as Apple continued to route messages through iMessage even though they had switched to another device.

Back in May, Apple had acknowledged the iMessage issue and promised to release a fix it. Apple has quietly launched a new web tool, which was first spotted by a reddit user and reported by The Verge, that lets users deregister the phone number from iMessage, so it can stop routing numbers. By launching the web tool, users don’t need the iPhone to deregister their number.

Previously, users had a deactivate iMessage on their devices and also remove their phone number from other iOS devices and Mac, before switching to an Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. If they forgot to deactivate the number, they had to call Apple to deregister it.

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The web tool is quite simple to use, users need to enter the phone number that they want to deregister from iMessage. Apple will send a 6-digit confirmation code. You then need to enter the code to deregister the phone number from iMessage. The webpage also guides users on how to deregister the phone number if they still have an iPhone.

If you’ve switched from an iPhone, then it may be a good idea to visit this link to deregister your phone number from iMessage.

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