“iPhone for Life” program is expanded by USA Sprint Carrier.

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Sprint unveiled a new program called “iPhone for Life” right after Apple officially introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the world. Now they’re expanding the offer.

The idea behind the iPhone for Life program is a leasing option that lasts 24 months, and then gives the Sprint subscriber the ability to simply upgrade through another leasing plan to a new iPhone in two years. While upgrading every two years might be ideal for most, Sprint has caught on that new iPhones come out every year, and has decided to add another option for those lifers.
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Sprint on Friday, October 24, confirmed that they will be adding a 12-month leasing option for their iPhone for Life program. With the new program, getting an iPhone 6 will start at $30 per month, while an iPhone 6 Plus will start at $35 per month. The full pricing breakdown is just below.

Price list of Sprint carrier:

iPhone 6 16GB: $30 per month
iPhone 6 64GB: $35 per month
iPhone 6 128GB: $40 per month
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB: $35 per month
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB: $40 per month
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB: $45 per month

If an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus is not something you want to use as your daily driver, and would prefer to go for the cheaper iPhone 5s, Sprint is adding that particular handset on November 14 as well. It will go for $18 per month for the 16GB model, but it will be only available for 24 months. The 32GB option will run you $21 per month for 24 months, while the 64GB option is $24 per month for 24 months. What you think guys ? Do you plan on taking advantage of this new leasing option?

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