August Smart Lock on sale exclusively at Apple Retail stores starting this week

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Apple is moving towards door lock category from the ios / os x ? Time for some iDoor Locks 😉

When Apple introduced their new HomeKit API, it opened doors for a new way to keep a smart home connected, and third-party manufacturers jumped on board. One of the first, August, will now find a place within Apple Retail Stores starting this week.

The August Smart Lock will start showing up within Apple Retail Stores throughout the United States starting the week of October 13, according to an announcement made on Tuesday, October 14. The new Smart Lock will be available within Apple’s physical retail sites as an exclusive, for now, with the maker of the lock saying the partnership is ideal because Apple is, “committed to building world-class products and providing an excellent consumer experience at their stores.”

The August Smart Lock has been listed on their official website since late August, after the smart device first started shipping to those who Kickstarted the project, way back in May of 2013. It is currently on backorder on their official site, though. It will be available starting this week in Apple Retail Stores across the U.S. for $249.99, the same price it’s listed as on their website.

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You will be able to watch the live stream of the event only on Apple devices. We will provide more details on how to watch the event as soon as we’ve more details.

August noted on their official blog that while not all pre-sales of the Smart Lock have been completed, the launch into retail was a “touch call,” but that retail is a tough area for a startup company, but that one main reason for the decision was an alternative to online-only purchases, as many customers were asking for more options:

“The main reason we are going to retail is because many of our early supporters have consistently asked for alternatives to a purely-online purchasing experience. They’d like to see the product in person, understand the installation requirements and ensure the look and feel fits with their home. To balance their needs against those of our online store customers, we (a) began shipping early to preorder customers on August 25th, (b) are maintaining the $199 price for pre-order customers and (c) opted to partner with Apple to take this product into a retail purchasing experience.“

August notes that for customers who pre-ordered the Smart Lock, the only way to guarantee their $199 price they paid earlier in the year is to make sure to hold their spot in the line, and wait for the lock to arrive.

Are you guys buying this lock ? i am not surprised with this that much..anyways

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