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Apple has officially sent out invites for their September 9th event for launching iPhone 6, iWatch, iOS 8. We are only few days away from the launch of the next generation iPhone at the iPhone 6 event. A official countdown timer has been put up on Apple’s website where you can watch the seconds tick away in excitement. They did a great job by adding up the live event on their website itself else like every other year we have to crumble through various sites to watch the event live. The iPhone 6 event will take place exactly where 30 years prior, Steve Jobs unveiled the very first Macintosh to a mesmerized audience and at time we still watch those. This is probably one of the biggest & most anticipated launches in the history of Apple’s iPhone line up. Finally the iPhone is getting bigger now. The long rumored, leaked & beautiful iPhone is set to be announced along side a revolutionary Apple product; the iWatch. Let’s cover the main points of this event to give you an idea of what’s to come.


Understandably, what with all the leaks & rumors pointing to it, the iPhone 6 swill be shown to the world in 2 new sizes; 4.7-inch & 5.5-inch. We’ve come a long way from the time that Steve Jobs made fun of Android users & their large phones, so big that you “couldn’t even get your hand around it”. This is the main event but it’s not all Apple has to offer. Keep figures crossed. I want the iPhone to be little more big because i feel jelous of other galaxy users to read everything from phone were as i am using the iPad for a bigger screen :<
IOS 8: Apple will be releasing the ios 8 Gold Master edition on their september 9 event but they will not release it for public that day until they offers iPhone shipment for public. If you want then you can get your hands on ios 8 right now before everyone gets it of Apple officially releases it for public. You need to register your iPhone to Apple Developer Account then download and update to ios 8. And your device will be activated in ios 8. Click here to register your udid to Apple Developer Account and get ios 8 before anyone gets it.
An iWatch to be used with the new iPhone will also make a revulation. Of course, it’s not an original idea but Apple will make it better than the competition in order to sway Galaxy Gear users over from the dark side. Focus will be on health & ease of calling, texting & siri and other stuffs which you yet coudn’t guess. There’s a lot the new iWatch will be capable of and we cannot wait to see it in action. I can’t wait to wear the iWatch ~:)
Sapphire displays will be a feature point of all new Apple products, its the new revelation of Retina display. The iPhone 6 event will make sure to convince everyone that they need a sapphire display. It’s to be used on the iPhone 6, iWatch and possibly even the new iPads to come. Structurally it’s a monster compared to Gorilla Glass and features an optical clarity that is unrivaled in sharpness. Of course this glass will be artificially manufactured but that does not mean it’s easy to make or cost effective, for Apple though it’s a feature that will further separate the iPhone 6 from any competition. I always loved apple stuffs display’s and sapphire display will be more amazing.
Payments: According to many rumors & analysts, Apple is cooking up a major payments system that will use NFC capability to ease your life. It’s unlikely we will see NFC in the iPhone but it could be a feature exclusive to the iWatch that will convince many people to buy it. No need for wallets or credit cards as all of your transactions can be managed through this one device which is attached to your hand at all times. Now you will be able to pay using your iPhone. World is upgrading and moving forward so do time to make changed
Apple is scrambling to fix their security and upgrade it due to there is so such issues going on with the iCloud security. A huge emphasis in the iPhone 6 event will go on proving people that Apple cares and is constantly improving their security. It’s almost laughable how faulty Apple’s security has been in the past. Passcode loopholes, iCloud bypasses & so many little exploits have been found, not to mention the recent celebrity nude leak. Expect a long speech on how Apple is providing the best security of all. I really want their security to be upgraded and add some more option in locking apps like messages/photo’s expect the only Passcode lock

And thats all what we are about the get in the Septermber 9 event. And, these are to be the biggest announcements at the iPhone 6 event which happens on September 9th. Stay tuned for all the updates.

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