IOS 8 lock Screen Security flaw found !

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Apple has not officially released the ios 8 for public yet. They will lunch it today but Apple released the ios 8 GM edition for developers. There is a security flaw found on the ios 8 lock screen. People can actually post in facebook, make calls, see your contacts, see your notes, see your messages from the lock screen.

I have a question for Apple – 

C’mon Apple !! Why again ? You are really disapointing me about the security issues. Personally i am a die hard fan of Apple. I love all my apple products since i am a kid. I always felt that my stuffs are secured with Apple. But now a days Apple is doing really horrible at security.

I am going to tell you now about how its done. I am not telling you this so that you can go and check someone else iPhone. I am writing this so that People know about this, and keep their privacy safe. And also to let Apple know that there is a major security flaw in ios 8 GM.

Apple didn’t released ios 8 gm on itunes yet, today apple will release it but before it’s release we just got it’s problem. Apple should really fix this issue soon. Apart from this ios 8 is just amazing !

The IOS 8 Lock Screen Security flaw:
Lock your iPhone with a passcode.
Now go to lock screen and press your home button.
Siri will open. You need to open Siri for this security flaw test.

Then, tell SIRI-

” Post on Facebook”  – Siri will post on facebook without unlocking your iPhone.
” Show me notes” – Siri will show you notes.
” Add note” – Siri will give option to add anything to your notes.
” Show recent messages” – Siri will show all recent messages.
” Show contact named ‘iAppleStuffs'” – Siri will open the contact named iAppleStuffs and will give you full info.

This is a serious major security flow. Many people writes many things and keeps iPhone locked so that others don’t see it. But now others can get acess to them using SIRI.

How to fix this ios 8 security flaw:

Currently this works only if you have enabled SIRI on your lockscreen. If you don’t have siri enabled then its flaw won’t effect you. To fix this issue you need to go Settings > General > Siri > Disable it.
If your really concern about your privacy then you should disable SIRI for now until Apple Fixes this issue. Apple soon will start working on IOS 8.1 then i hope this issue will be fixed. If you are not concern about your privacy that much than you can you can ignore this. This security flaw exists in ios 7.1.2 and ios 8 both. Apple really should address this issue and patch this glitches soon.
I really hope that Apple will fix this issues very soon. i will also upload a video of this issue soon on my youtube channel. So make sure that you subscribe to our Youtube Channel bellow: 

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