Former Apple ad exec explains why Apple will launch iPhone 6 and iWatch at September 9 event

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Apple sent out press invites for its September 9th media event last week, with the tagline “Wish we could say more.” As per several media reports, the company will be announcing the next-generation iPhone and the much-rumored iWatch wearable product at the event.

Both these products are equally important to Apple. The iPhone 6, with its larger display and possibly two different screen sizes, will be key to better competing with Android phones in the US and other markets. The iWatch will be the first new product category from Apple after Steve Jobs’ death, and would be a look into the post-Jobs era of Apple.

Former Apple advertising executive Ken Segall explains why the company may debut both these equally important products at the same event:

There are two big, juicy reasons to combine the iPhone and iWatch events. This would be the biggest event in Apple history, at a time when people have dared to question us. And — these are two products that are made to work together.

Like you just said, Apple has never combined two revolutionary products this way. So what. We will now stand Apple tradition on its head. This will be Tim’s blockbuster moment, forever etched in history. Can you not imagine the extraordinary buzz from one monster over-the-top event, three months before the holidays?

This is a case where the whole is absolutely greater than the sum of its parts. One earthshaking event has more value than two “typical” Apple events.

I can see it now: we get an hour’s worth of theatrics and demos for the new iPhone models, followed by the launch of Apple’s long-awaited “next revolution.” And then the kicker. Tim says: “You’ve seen the new iPhone. You’ve seen the fabulous new iWatch. Each is amazing on its own — but just wait till you see what they can do together.”

A single event for two key products does have its set of cons. Apple misses out on maximising the buzz around its products, it risks stretching the keynote for too long, or not giving enough coverage to either products in an attempt to keep the event short.

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What do you think would be better between the two choices of having separate events, or a single combined event? Let us know in the comments below.

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