Apple Stops signning ios 7.1.2 ! Means you can’t downgrade to ios 7.1.2 anymore

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Three days back apple releases ios 8.0.1 which was a massive disaster. It killed Cellular network, Touch ID in iPhone 6/6plus. Later next day Apple released new ios 8.0.2.

Since now,  Apple was signing the ios 7.1.2. As historically we know that Apple will close the signing the previous ios once they releases a new ios. So same happened today.

Apple closed the ios 7.1.2 windows. You can’t downgrade to ios 7.1.2 anymore from ios 8. IOS 7.1.2 was really good plus there is a untethered jailbreak also available for ios 7.1.2. If your in ios 7.1.2 then you can jailbreak your device using pangu. (Click Here)

Those who have followed iAppleStuffs youtube channel they have ssuccessfullydowngraded back to ios 7.1.2 from the ios 8. Sorry guys now you can’t downgrade anymore. Apple Stopped signing it. Doesn’t matter if you have your shsh file or anything you can’t downgrade anymore.

But it’s still possible to downgrade to ios 8.0 from the ios 8.0.2. Pangu jailbreak team is working on ios 8.0 jailbreak. So lets see whats coming next for us.

Apple is working on IOS 8.1 beta now. Soon they will release it for the developers. If your interested to stay ahead from everyone and updating to ios 8.1 beta version then you can register your iPhone,iPod,iPad to Apple Developer Account now. It will give you access to update to ios beta versions legitimately.

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